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Have you ever spayed a female dog and spayed a male dog? In fact, many people get annoyed as soon as you suggest they should. In fact, pets have no concept of gender identity or personal ego. Spaying a female dog and spaying a male dog will not change the dog’s instincts or personality . Pets do not have to suffer any emotional reactions or identity disturbances when they are neutered.

Why should female dogs be spayed, male dogs should be spayed?

There are many people who always think of themselves as “responsible owners” or do not want their dogs to suffer. But even a small mistake can cause an unwanted pregnancy. What if your dog forgot to close the gate and let the kids roam freely?

Before you know it, you’ve accidentally contributed 5-6 (or more) puppies. While the number of pets is now overcrowded. The only way to truly be a responsible owner is to have your pets spayed. Furthermore, spaying female dogs and neutering male dogs can help them avoid some sexually transmitted diseases.

I want to witness the reproduction in dogs?

The truth is that dogs often give birth at night. And their instinct is to hide their children. Especially in cats. Even if the children want to witness this miracle, you should make them understand that it is impossible.

You know that the life of animals is completely dependent on the will of man. If you are a responsible pet owner. The real miracle is that spaying female dogs, spaying male dogs will help limit the number of pets. And can save many other pets’ lives.

I want to maintain the breeding of dogs?

A dog can be a pet with great qualities. But that doesn’t mean the puppy will be an exact copy of the parent.

For hundreds of years, professional breeders have been tracking and observing dog breeds for generations. Despite their vast experience, no one can guarantee that they can get what they want from a particular species. Even though the parent dogs may be good breeders, their offspring can still make mistakes. Instead of dominant genes, it is possible that the pups will carry all recessive genes from their parents.

Therefore, the chances of amateur pet owners are even more slim. That’s why more and more puppies are being abandoned, purebred or not. Some people think they can offset the cost of buying a pet by breeding it and selling the young. However, standard crossbreeding can be even more costly.

Spaying male dogs is against nature

We interfered with nature when we domesticated dogs. We domesticated dogs 15,000 years ago and cats 8000 years ago. By doing that, we have contributed to changing the laws of nature. And every year people destroy millions of pets due to overcrowding. This really goes against the laws of nature.

When they should be in nice places. You might think that it wouldn’t be a problem to find good homes for puppies. But every home you find means there’s less of a place to live for abandoned dogs. They also need good shelters. Not to mention the fact that in less than a year, each of your pet’s offspring can have other litters. The number will multiply exponentially if we do not sterilize female dogs, castrate male dogs.

Do I just need to spay the bitch?

This is the most common paranoia, but also the most ridiculous. Many people still believe that it is only necessary to neuter female dogs and not need to castrate male dogs. Because only female dogs give birth. But you forget that one male dog can mate with many female dogs. Anything is possible even if you think you’ll never take your eyes off them.

Similarly, there are many people who only neuter male dogs. This is also a misconception. Because female dogs of reproductive age also have an instinct to seek out males. While they roam outside, there are many possible dangers. For example, an accident, being stolen or beaten.

Is the cost of spaying female and male dogs too expensive?

The cost of spaying a female dog or spaying a male dog depends on the sex, size and age of the animal, the cost to the veterinarian, and several other factors. But whatever the actual cost, oophorectomy or castration is a one-time cost, which is relatively small compared to all other benefits.

That’s a bargain compared to the medical costs if the dog is pregnant, giving birth, and raising puppies until it’s time to separate. Or cure if your pet has fertility problems. All of this can significantly increase veterinarian bills and feed costs should problems arise.

Dogs have psychological changes after neutering?

It is true that there will be changes in pet behavior. But positive changes. For example, male cats often reduce their urination to mark their territory. This rate depends on the age of sterilization. If spayed female dogs, castrate male dogs early at the right time, before they form the habit, the cat may never develop the habit.

Spaniated dogs fight less. Reduces the risk of infectious diseases and abscesses. They are also less likely to run around outside because they are no longer interested in looking for offspring. Therefore, the risk of being in an accident, getting lost or stolen is also significantly reduced.

The removal of the female dog’s ovaries or the neutering of the male dog does not affect the dog’s instinct to protect the home. The nature of dogs is shaped by genes and environment rather than by sex hormones.

Will neutering female dogs affect health?

Many people believe that pets will become fat and lazy if neutered. The real cause is an unhealthy diet. Dogs are overfed, nutritional composition is not suitable. And they don’t get enough, regular exercise. Many owners are concerned that sterilization will cause their pets to deteriorate in health. Better to let them lay a litter first. But medicine has proven otherwise.

In fact, female dogs that have their ovaries removed before their first birth are healthier. Many veterinarians in advanced countries have spayed female dogs and castrated male dogs as early as 8 weeks old. See your veterinarian to check and time these cycles. You should also learn the measures to take care of the dog after neutering to gain the necessary experience.

Dogs should not be neutered until they are 6 months old

Many owners want to wait for their dog to start estrus before neutering. Fact: Spaying a dog or cat after the first estrous cycle may increase the risk of certain cancers. Pre-estrus sterilization helps to prevent the risks of hormonal changes. Or dangerous inflammatory diseases are common in old dogs.

Previously, there was a view that the dog should not be neutered until the dog is 6 months old. But for now, spaying female dogs and neutering male dogs can begin earlier than that. In the United States, breeders begin neutering as soon as they are 6 to 8 weeks old. And this has no ill effects.

Spaying dogs brings benefits to the community

In the 1950s, people realized that sterilization contributed greatly to the public good. In New York City, ASPCA veterinarians stated that “sterilizing cats and dogs will prevent and reduce the number of stray dogs and cats.” However, it faces the problem of not having an approved owner to take care of them.

In 1964, the ASPCA began free sterilization. Exclusively for pet owners experiencing financial difficulties. Around that time, humanitarian groups throughout the United States began to promote policies that forbade the adoption of unneutered dogs and cats.

In 1975, the Maryland SPCA Hospital pioneered the neutering of kittens. This was in line with the policies set out earlier. Require owners to accept only dogs and cats regardless of age that have been spayed.

Spaying of breeding control dogs

In 1981, Dr. Amy Freeman Lee created a similar program in San Antonio, Texas. When it comes to the genital mutilation of many young pets. The doctors are not comfortable either. However, a lot of dogs and kittens are the cause of uncontrolled breeding. Once pets begin to have sexual needs, it can be difficult to control them.

They are abandoned, with no one to take care of them. Constantly facing dangers lurking around. If pets were neutered before they could breed, there wouldn’t be so many dogs and kittens that would stray and starve to death.

Cat and dog houses across the United States began to hire veterinarians to perform neutering of pets. Veterinarians also quickly organized a community of their own. They set up a magazine dedicated to the benefits that owners will have when neutering their cats and dogs. The journal has become a major force in the veterinary community. In 1993, AVMA were quick to incorporate pet neutering into their program.

Benefits of neutering an immature dog

Veterinarians have expressed support for the sterilization of female dogs and the castration of immature male dogs. Some of the reasons given by them are: The genital tract of young pets has few blood vessels. That leads to very little chance of losing a lot of blood. They are less prone to obesity, so surgery is easier because the surgeon has less to deal with an excessive amount of fat in the abdomen when trying to sew up the wound.

In addition, young pets heal very quickly. Within 5 days of surgery the castration wound will heal. Almost no worries. Early removal of the ovaries also helps pets avoid complications. It occurs when owners take pets away while they are in heat or pregnant. This also helps prevent complications in the event of an accident or illness.

Hopefully, the information we provide will help you have a more positive view when neutering female dogs and neutering male dogs.


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