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Ornamental fish Tai Tuong or Phat Tai fish, whose English name is Giant Gourami. This is a typical fish for the tropics that has long been very famous in the world of Vietnamese aquarists. With their characteristic pink color or attractive silvery white color, they are said to bring good luck and fortune to the owner.

Therefore, the price of Tai Tuong fish is higher than some other ornamental fish varieties. This fish breed originates in Southeast Asia, and is abundant in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. In the article below, Petsate will introduce some information about the longevity of Tai Tuong fish and how to raise Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank for inexperienced people.

Features of ornamental Tai Tuong fish

Tai Tuong fish has a large size, adult fish is about 20 – 80cm long, egg-shaped body. In the wild they are ash gray, the pectoral fins disappear into two long tendrils, the fins are light red.

The Ornamental Giantfish is an artificially selected fish. Their usual size is 40 – 70cm. They have a strong body, large pelvic fins, very long pectoral fins. The dorsal and ventral fins extend to the base of the tail.

The whole body is pinkish or silvery white, the fins have a red border. Under the light of the lamp they will glisten in a beautiful golden, silvery-white color. Ornamental Earl Fish Price can be determined by their color.

Knowing how big fish can grow is very convenient to prepare a large enough living space for them.

Factors affecting the size and longevity of the giant catfish may depend on the control of water temperature. The combination of nutrients in the feed during the rearing process. This will greatly help their development.

The behavior of the ornamental Tai Tuong fish

This fish is suitable for keeping in aquariums with lights. The suitable temperature for raising fish is about 22 – 32°C. The tank needs to be large in size. They are easy to raise and grow quickly, the largest can reach a weight of 7-8kg. 8 month old fish has started spawning. The price of spawning Tai Tuong fish will be higher than normal fish.

The fish breed favorably at a temperature of 27-29°C. Each litter is spaced 15-20 days apart, which is a very rare feature in other fish breeds. The first spawning often fails, until the next time the fry hatch.

This fish is an egg-laying fish. They lay eggs in foam nests, each spawning fish lay 500-1000 eggs. They have a very strong territorial disposition. They easily attack other fish breeds.

Therefore, it is not recommended to keep with small, gentle fish. If you buy fish in large quantities, the price of Tai Tuong fish is relatively cheap.

What do Tai Tuong fish eat?

Main types of food

They can eat quite a few different fish foods. However, the food of this ornamental fish when raised in aquariums is different from that in the wild.

They can eat specialized fish food. However, farmers need to combine a reasonable way to ensure the supply is also sufficient for the fish.

Whatever you feed your fish, you need to pay attention to the balanced nutritional composition. At the same time control the feeding tightly. Don’t feed too much and don’t feed too little. Feeding a single type of food is not recommended.

Fish food consists of plant and animal foods. Usually includes: fruits, vegetables, meat, small fish, shrimp… Or can also use separate bread, raw food and other foods.

Note when feeding

Depending on the eating habits of ornamental Tai Tuong fish to maintain daily food intake. The most important thing is to know what fish eat to grow quickly.

Food is properly combined and nutritionally balanced to benefit their growth. Mealworms, rice worms, small goldfish… can be warmed up and then fed to the fish. And the number of feedings per day is unlimited, feed the fish at any time, as long as they are ready.

The choice of fish food is very diverse. So the right combination of foods is okay. Before feeding, make sure the food has been cleaned. The ornamental Tai Tuong fish can be eliminated immediately after eating. Please promptly remove scale and feces in the water to ensure they have a living environment with good water quality.

Small fish and shrimp contain high protein content, fast effect. When feeding, make sure to cut the tail of the shrimp to avoid scratching the fish’s belly. In addition, during the feeding of meats, it is very likely to cause an attack of parasites.

What breeds are the ornamental Tai Tuong fish cultured with?

Characteristics of fish in polyculture

The temperament of the ornamental Tai Tuong fish is relatively mild. So many people like to keep Tai Tuong and other ornamental fish together to achieve a better aesthetic effect.

The biggest point of polyculture is their mouth. And it will bite fish smaller than it. Therefore, it is suitable for breeding with larger animals.

The characteristic of this fish breed is that it is more docile as an adult and more aggressive as a child. The growth rate of the fish is also extremely fast. And the development of the first part is more obvious.

During polyculture it is important to pay attention to maintaining water quality. If there are phenomena such as fish not eating, check the water quality.

The more species that are polycultured, the more attention must be paid to frequent water changes. Water temperature control. Timely disposal of leftovers and feces. This plays an important role in the formation of a good aquatic environment. Prolongs the life of the ornamental fish.

Breeds of fish cultured with Tai Tuong fish

The species of fish that can be cultured with Tai Tuong are very diverse and very related to this fish. In addition to personality, Tai Tuong fish is also very energetic. And there will be certain differences in personality between individuals.

For example, the Cichlids of African origin are a very valuable species. But some species can be polycultured but some cannot. Transplantation should not be performed.

Mainly tropical fish varieties. Large tropical ornamental fish such as: leopard-skinned Tai Tuong fish, Ngan Long dragon fish… Or small-sized fish such as Hong Ket fish, duck-billed leopard fish…

Some people breed with Arhat fish. It is best to choose polycultures in the early years of the Tai Tuong scene, which is not bad. Because of this, polyculture of Tai Tuong fish is discouraged and there are not many examples of successful polycultures. Tai Tuong fish’s lifespan is also reduced.

How to raise Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank?

Temperature when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank

The requirements for water temperature and water quality when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank are not too high. However, the water temperature is too low or too high will affect their health. Therefore, controlling the water temperature is also very important. So what is the suitable water temperature to raise Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank?

The suitable water temperature when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank is about 22 – 23°C. And of course 25°C is the best. Should not exceed 30°C. The minimum water temperature for tropical fish is above 25°C.

If the water temperature is too low, the fish is susceptible to white spot disease. The life span of Tai Tuong fish is shortened. They belong to the group of tropical fish that require little oxygen. They live in the middle water layer and controlling the water temperature is extremely important.

Unstable temperature makes fish sick

When raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank, if the water temperature is too low, it is easy for them to lose their appetite. Anorexia fish will directly affect the growth rate.

In the process of raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank, many aquarists want to promote the growth of fish, so during feeding increase the water temperature to 1-2°C.

This is to encourage the fish to eat more. With normal feeding, fish can gain about 1kg in a year. Tai Tuong fish life is longer

If the fish is sick, increase the water temperature to about 30°C to avoid the spread of white spot disease… The most serious result is that it directly causes the fish to freeze to death. At this point the situation will be extremely bad.

Water quality when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank

In general, the temperature of the water should be controlled within an appropriate range. Ensure the benefits for growth when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank. Breeders need to pay close attention to this.

It is necessary to ensure water quality when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank. While changing the water, pay attention to the temperature difference between the new water and the old water. Avoiding heat shock to fish is very dangerous.

If you intend to breed aquarium fish, you also need to pay attention to adjustment. Breeds of fish with similar characteristics should be kept. Avoid causing conflicts for the aquarium.

Ensure the longevity of Tai Tuong fish is always at the highest level. When raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank, it is necessary to build a filtration and sanitation system to maintain good water quality.

How to change the water when raising Tai Tuong fish in a cement tank?

Regular aquarium water changes will help fish stay healthy. Change 2-3 times a month, about 10-20 cm of water each time. Summer needs more frequent water changes. Each time, pay attention to the water flowing slowly, to avoid sudden temperature rise and fall, shocking the fish.

Periodically use quicklime or suitable antibiotics to prevent fish diseases. With good care and prevention, the life expectancy of ornamental Tai Tuong fish will be high, with few diseases.

Longevity of Tai Tuong fish

The life span of Tai Tuong fish is about 5-8 years. The oldest living fish today has a life span of 14 years, weighing 6kg. It is owned by a marine park in the town of Karuizawa, Japan.

However, there are also documents that say that the life span of Tai Tuong fish is at least 15 years or more. These numbers are uncertain. However, that is enough to show that the life time of the fish is quite high. However, it also depends on living conditions and care regimen.

In general, the life expectancy of Tai Tuong fish is determined by many different factors. For example, farming methods, care, feeding, polyculture, buying and selling of Tai Tuong fish are expensive or cheap, because the price goes hand in hand with the quality…

How much does Tai Tuong fish cost?

This is a line of fish that is both used as food and used for farming as an ornamental. Therefore, this fish line is extremely popular in the seafood market of our country.

The price of Tai Tuong fish is usually not fixed, the price of Tai Tuong fish will fluctuate from time to time and from season to season. Below is the price list of commercial Tai Tuong fish and the price of ornamental Tai Tuong fish in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh

  • Commercial price of Tai Tuong fish: 80 – 160 thousand VND/kg.
  • Price of Tai Tuong fish seed: 20 thousand VND/head.
  • The price of Tai Tuong fish is beautiful: 1 – 4 million VND/head.
  • Price of Fish Ears Tattoos: 150 thousand VND/head.

Currently, there is a high demand for ornamental fish. If you are in need of fish farming, learn how to raise and price ornamental Tai Tuong fish carefully first.

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