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Freshwater shark or ornamental shark. It is one of the most popular aquarium fish in Vietnam. Today’s article, petmart.vn will give you all the information about this fish. Hope to help you have a clearer view when raising this fish.

Food of ornamental freshwater sharks

The freshwater shark is an omnivorous fish. The fry eat plankton, aquatic plants or artificial food. Adult fish eat aquatic plants and artificial food. Fish are very gluttonous, so they grow very quickly. This is a large species. Has good adaptability to the environment and can be raised in rivers or ponds.

Food of ornamental freshwater sharks

The amount of protein needed in food is 28% – 32%. Freshwater sharks are omnivores, requiring large amounts of food and rapid growth. When 3 – 4 cm fry are reared for 4 months, the body weight can reach 0.6 kg or more. But their sexual development is late, they are bred for 3 to 4 years and weigh more than 3 kg. Breeding season from April to September, spawning once a year.

Fish’s living conditions

Aquarium sharks can gain 1kg in 8 months. With a shy personality, he swims very quickly. When disturbed, squirms in the water non-stop. Fish have poor resistance to low temperatures. The ideal temperature is 20-30°C. And the optimal growth temperature is 24-28°C. When the water temperature drops to 18°C, food intake and activity are significantly reduced.

Fish's living conditions

Fish begin to die when the temperature continuously drops below 12°C. The suitable pH is from 6 to 7.2. Suitable for their adaptability and diet. Freshwater sharks can live in an oxygen-deficient environment and have a wide adaptability. However, they do not tolerate low temperatures.

The length of the fish is long, the back is high, the head is flat and conical, the mouth is short. The lower lip is lowered, the gills are not connected to the cheeks and have a respiratory function. Fish cartilage tissue contains Chondroitin Sulfate component. Fish not only have food and ornamental value but also have medicinal value.

Some notes when raising ornamental sharks

Veterinarians advise against keeping fish in aquariums. Because of their large size, they are quite rude and not very good at “catching” aquarium creatures. If you exercise well, you can use artificial food. Should give them “appetizer” with worms or small worms first. Issues to pay attention to when raising ornamental sharks are as follows:

Some notes when raising ornamental sharks

  • Definitely do not use an aquarium. Aquariums make fish easy to fear, can run away by the smallest movement.
  • Neutral water can be used.
  • It is best to use earthworms or red worms. If the tank is decorated with green and red lights… they will be “enthusiastic” to eat and drink.
  • They will grow to large sizes. Even compared to wild fish is longer, about 1m. But don’t worry, they will adapt to the environment. A 70cm long aquarium would be the most reasonable.

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