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In nature, breeding inbreeding inbreeding dogs and cats does not have any concepts. Those who are healthy are strong enough to drive away other children of the same breed to find a partner. Those who are weak will not have the opportunity to breed. Therefore, healthy children will remain the same for generation after generation.

In principle, homologous cats and dogs in the wild also have a higher risk of disease. Dogs and cats are raised by humans, not through the harsh rejection of nature. Breed only according to human choice and whim.

Therefore, breeders cannot say that in nature they also breed blood. When breeding whether heterony or not, it is also recommended to listen to the voice and learn according to the laws of the mother nature wisely.

Many people who ask to buy dogs and cats often want to buy a pair that is not identical. Like many people who discriminate inbreeding inbreeding. But in professional breeding is it possible to use completely non-similar babies? How to have inbreeding, hematous, long-distance dog and cat breeds and the secret to successful Private Line. Please refer to the article below of Pet Mart!

What is inbreeding dogs and cats?

In-breed said genetics would be very lengthy. We can understand it simply like this. Inbreeding is a phenomenon in which dogs of the same blood are mated.

For example, mating in the same family of pets. Between parents and children or vice versa. Or between siblings pets.

The essence of the inbreeding of a inbreeding cat is simply the hope of being able to breed 1 or several in the herd of its father or mother. The dog, the cat that I find too beautiful, really love. Or is it necessary to pass on its inheritance through its child. In order to keep its good inheritance for generations to come. Many people have also used this method to breed Poodle dogs in US in recent years.

Breeding inbreeding dogs and cats – a double-edged sword

In other words, breeding inbreeding inbreeding cats is wanting to pray for good luck to breed/cloning a pet by natural methods. And of course luck sui too. Breeding inbreeding cats and dogs gives 2 similar gene sources to each other. Therefore, the phenomenon of Double gene (recombination) is very easy to occur. But it is not certain to happen. It is hoped that 2 good genetic resources will meet to produce the dog as desired. But besides that, two bad genetic sources are also very likely to meet. Create physically and mentally ill dogs and cats. That’s why it’s called a double-edged sword.

This will be applied to large and small cat breeds. Therefore, inbreeding should only be done by experienced breeders. They must understand the genealogy for at least 3 generations to see what diseases are there? What are the dominant genes that are usually present in that breed? To know how high your risk and success will be.

Currently, inbreeding is mainly breeding for dog and cat owners to keep. Keep the whole flock or keep some. There are others for friends to raise. Rarely dare to sell out because puppies carry very high pathogens. Sometimes when he was a child, he didn’t see it, when he grew up, he got sick. So should inbreeding be given to dogs and cats?

In-Breeding concept in inbreeding

Inbreeding is a breed of inbreeding cats and dogs with very close kinship. Sometimes propagates for many consecutive generations. For example: father – child, same half-mother, half-mother, brother, mother. Inbreeding is a process that enhances its own characteristics and characteristics. Both good and bad. The goal of Inbreeding is to help eliminate bugs and enhance the characteristics desired by the Breeder. By increasing the homozygation of the genomes of the next generation.

In some cases, Inbreeding is necessary such as creating a new breed or helping to multiply endangered species. Because in both of these cases, when we start, we only have a few breeds. So they need to work together for several lifetimes to be able to increase the number of breeds in the species. You can see that today’s dog breeds all have very characteristic features. Even newly bred varieties or ancient varieties. Without the classification of characteristics, it is impossible to create a new variety. Or it is impossible to eliminate unwanted properties.

Notes when breeding In-Breeding

To do the elimination of bad genes and the homogenization of good genes, later individuals are purebred at a good level. Good traits become contractual traits. Help this trait be inherited through future lives. Therefore, generations of parents and ancestors need to be carefully examined before breeding. Eliminate structural errors and health errors. To be able to avoid faulty genes. And eliminate genetic diseases.

Before breeding inbreeding cats and cats with this method, you need to carefully study the lives of breeding dogs and cats. The more lives the better. This takes a lot of time but is necessary to avoid unwanted things later. To be able to find the necessary homozygous and also the unnecessary cozygous ones.

If you are interested in breeding Inbreeding inbreeding dogs, you should read more about the inbreeding hybrid coefficient. This is a basic breeding post, so veterinarians won’t mention this in depth. Inbreeding is not recommended for non-specialists or with poor quality early breeds. Because if you don’t have a good understanding of what a good trait needs to be kept or a bad trait needs to be eliminated, this breeding can make your Line more fringy with sick ones.

Line-Breeding concept in inbreeding

Linebreeding is the kinship of inbreeding inbreed cats and dogs. At least two or more generations, such as grandfather, nephew, uncle, cousin.

Linebreeding helps protect the good characteristics of a line. At the same time, it retains genetic diversity. The breeding of Linebreeding inbreeding cats helps the following litters be more stable and uniform in terms of good traits. At the same time, reduce the genetic risk of Inbreeding’s malformations.

Similar to breeding Inbreeding, for the opportunity to consolidate desired characteristics and eliminate health problems. Breeders need to have an extensive understanding of male and female pedigree for at least 5 generations.

Notes when breeding Line-Breeding

When breeding Line-breeding inbreeding dogs, it is often advised to find the same or other ancestors in the line of both males and females. To increase the chances of transplanting genes into children in the future. Obviously, careful selection of parents is very important if you want to save good bloodline. At the same time, you must choose the best child in the herd. Not all children will have the good traits you are pursuing. So you have to choose a child with the characteristics you want very carefully so that you can continue to breed it.

In general, most Breeders breed according to Line breeding’s breeding process. To be able to ensure uniformity in quality. Helps stabilize genetic good properties with little potential danger when crossing the Inbreeding variety.

Back-Breeding concept in inbreeding

Back-breeding is another form of Inbreeding inbreeding. When a breed is continuously bred with the most beautiful offspring of its subsequent direct lives. If he were a male, he would be both an old man, a father, and a grandfather of a 4th child. Just like that, the more in the next life your child will be, the more like you started.

Back-breeding is a method that helps reconstruct original breeds of dogs and cats. Help your children in the next life have good traits and contracts of their original children. This method can be combined with Inbreeding in the early stages and continued by Linebreeding to expand the gene pool.

In general, inbreeding dogs and cats is not for horizontal hands. If you don’t see the good characteristics to keep. Or bad traits to eliminate, you will kill your own breeding plan before getting a beautiful private Line.

Out-Crossing concept in inbreeding

Out-crossing is a method of breeding inbreeding dogs and cats between 2 breeds. It is a product of Linebreeding but belongs to two different lines. They do not have the same ancestors for at least 4 generations. 4 generations are ok because of the fact that it is very difficult to find completely unrelated ones. Because most of them have the same ancestor.

Often Out-crossing is used by Breeder to add a new character to his line. Helps improve health and create a good character. Also to minimize errors caused by bad contracts created during inbreeding. Out-crossing is necessary when a breeding program is impaired as inbreeding. Reduces fertility or reduces disease resistance.

Notes when breeding Out-Crossing

Hybrids often have a strong advantage in F1. When children are in the first generation, they are often superiorly beautiful with the good traits of their parents, they are reflected in F1. That’s why some children in F1 often win high prizes when showing. Help fix some errors in the old line.

However, you should remember that the gene of this beautiful F1 is not a homozygous gene. So its F2 generation genetic rate will decrease. Children in F2 if they continue to breed Outcrossing, it will be difficult to keep these good traits. Makes us unable to guess the traits in the next life, breaking the stability of the line’s characteristics. Make your child give birth to no child like any other.

So often then Breeders have to use Linebreeding and Inbreeding inbreeding inbreed dogs to stabilize genes to ensure that good traits are inherited through future generations.

If you still want to embrace the idea of being absolutely not close. Please google search: ‘How outcrossing destroys a breeding program’. If you don’t have a need to create a stable private line or need to create F2, F3. Just F1, Out crossing is a safe dog and cat breed. But buyers of these F1s should note, this phenotype can be difficult to transmit to the next generation.

Type-Breeding concept in inbreeding

Type breeding this is a breeding type with 2 breeds with similar-looking traits. The most beautiful male breeding type with the most beautiful female. And hope your child will be like your parents. This breeding is based entirely on the patterns that show the appearance of the father and mother. But don’t care much about the genes hidden inside. If the male and female both carry the faulty gene or disease, there is a high probability that one of the offspring will show the outside of the error. However, this type of breeding can also be successful when the genealogy is studied. Find the characteristics that are related to each other and then continue with Line breeding.

You need to understand that to do so to create children that are both beautiful and stable and healthy, it is not just messy. It is a long research process. And Pedigree is an important part of knowing the origin of the breed and studying the breeding animals in the genealogy.

Breeders are not easy jobs for males and females to breed and sell puppies. By doing so, just Outcrossing doesn’t matter. Because just F1, I don’t care if future lives can maintain a good mood.

Cost of breeding inbreeding dogs and cats

The cost of breeding inbreeding inbreeding cats and dogs is very expensive. Not to mention the breed of dogs between species is completely different. Just economic impact. Just took a long time for the breeder. Because it is not only done once but successfully. If conception is successful, there is a selection process later.

The Alaskan dog breeding is different from Phu Quoc dog breeding, or Becgie dog breeding too.

Or the small dog lines are also very different. Breeding deer dogs, breeding poodles, breeding dogs… all have their own rules. Without experience inbreeding inbreeding dogs and cats, you will never get the desired product.

They don’t even know how many times the dog is bred and when to breed effectively. And how to mix successfully. But it is not certain that the inbreeding has produced beautiful dogs. 10 packs, I hope to have a child like their father or mother as I want. Therefore, it is very important that they breed inbreeding. A whole pack of dogs can’t sell, and has to have many puppies waiting for him to grow up to observe. If it is beautiful, keep it, if it is sick, it can be treated, if it cannot be treated, it must be abandoned. It’s true that it’s not easy at all.

Notes when breeding inbreeding inbreeding and cat dogs

No matter what breed of dog and cat is used, you need to be careful to carefully study good males and females that do not have the same error. Otherwise these errors will go deep into the genes. It is difficult to exclude. Hope the above inbreeding experiences will help you in your first steps into breeding.

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