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How to raise a Poodle is not as difficult as you think. This is a dog with a lively but lovely, alert but sensitive personality. It seems that the Poodle has an innate elegance, making it hard for people to refuse. The Poodle breed has 3 types of Standard, Mini and Toy. The difference between them is just that the size is not the same. Before raising this breed, you should learn about how to care for a Poodle first. The following article Petsate  will introduce how to raise Poodles in the most standard and best way.

Poodle’s rules of life

  • When coming to a new environment, Poodle has the ability to adapt very quickly. They are curious, often like to show off to their owners.
  • Sleeping is one of the most important things every day of Poodle. Usually after eating and sleeping, you have to sleep about 10 hours a day.
  • Small poodles need a lot of security. When they feel lonely they often hide in one place, or bite and spoil furniture.
  • When Poodle wants to go to the bathroom, when he wants to eat, when he is lonely, when he misses his owner, he will bark non-stop. Owners must learn their habits to choose the best solution and way to raise a Poodle.
  • The Poodle’s instinct will choose the right place to go to the bathroom. When you find out they want to go to the bathroom, take them to the right place. Help the puppy form a habit of going to the bathroom in the right place, reducing odors in the house.

When you understand their rules of life, you will have the most scientific and accurate way to raise a Poodle. It should not be because the puppy does not listen to the words but loudly reproaches and scolds the puppy. They need time to learn, to adapt to our lives. They need time to mature to become polite and obedient.

Poodle Breeds: Purebred Standards & Price
Poodle Breeds: Purebred Standards & Price

Poodle’s favorite foods

To better understand how to raise Poodle dogs, it is necessary to learn their origin and habitat. The Poodle originated in Germany. Their nutritional feed supply starts from the Black Forest to the Baltic Sea.

Recommended foods include fish, poultry, pork, venison, potatoes, broccoli, wheat and corn. Choosing the right food is the best way to have a Poodle. Veterinarian recipes recommend: cereal foods that include wheat and corn. Meats include poultry, fish, pork…

Poodles need a large number of amino acids and synthesis of propyl aniline protein and a lot of minerals. When food lacks these substances, it affects the skin, oral cavity and hair pigmentation. If these nutritional components are incomplete, it will cause the color of the hair to lose its shine, loose teeth.

Studies have found that calcium molecules in beef bone meal can make Poodles lose their appetite. But the calcium molecule in the bottle is very suitable. Fats in cod liver oil and niobat in palm trees, which can tolerate vitamins A and D are very suitable. Vegetables contain β-carotene.

Poodle dogs are particularly addicted to eating duck meat and wading poultry. So it is difficult to blame foods with chicken, beef, and goat recipes that always attract the attention of Poodle dogs. For a better way to have a Poodle, you can see 9 more suggestions on what is best Poodle dog food to eat.

Suitable age to train a Poodle

Should spend a lot of time with this dog. Because they are very smart like to be cared for. Poodles often tend to be depressed or become very fierce if estranged or yelled at. The Poodle is one of the most intelligent, well-learned and closest to humans. But they are very easy to learn habits, bad things if not trained. Poodle training needs attention from an early age.

Most Poodle owners don’t take them to training. Therefore, after growing up, children often have bad habits. Like going to the bathroom in the wrong place, often disobeying and barking regardless of day and night. Even bite the owner and family. Please pay attention to the training of your baby from the moment you bring it back to raise!

In addition to training Poodle dogs to go to the bathroom in the right place, you can also teach them many other games such as picking up balls, walking on both legs… Basic training can be done right from the time the dog is 2 to 3 months old.

10 basic Poodle training techniques
10 basic Poodle training techniques

How to raise a Poodle through hair care and trimming

Brush your dog regularly

The Poodle is a breed of dog that rarely sheds hair. So in the summer, farmers should trim their hair to suit hot days. Keep them cool and comfortable and avoid heat shock in the summer. This dog should be cleaned once a week. That keeps them clean and airy as well as away from ticks.

Sweat glands should be squeezed once a month to eliminate body odor. When Poodles have a bad smell on their bodies, they need to squeeze their sweat glands. After bathing, you must dry and dry your hair. Do not keep them in cages as soon as they have finished bathing. By doing so, they will be very susceptible to disease as well as moisture leading to atopic dermatitis.

Brush your Poodle regularly. Poodle’s hair is smooth and curly, so brushing should be done daily to avoid tangles. At the same time, regularly letting dogs go to the hair clipper will be able to maintain a better curl.

Take the Poodle to trim the hair periodically. To trim the Poodle dog’s hair so that it is beautiful and standard, it is the most complicated. You can completely trim the Poodle’s hair at home according to online instructions. However, if you want the Poodle to be more beautiful, it is advisable to take him to the store for proper pruning. Do not arbitrarily cut to avoid affecting the aesthetics of the dog in the long run.

How to trim Poodle dog hair at home anyone can do it
How to trim Poodle dog hair at home anyone can do it

How to raise a Poodle every day

Eye and tear gland protection for Poodle dogs. Their eyes need special attention. Poodle dog eyelashes are long and thick, piercing their eyes, making them tear easily. Leaving it for a long time will lead to inflammation in the eye area. So we need to monitor regularly to ingest drugs as well as clean them in the best way.

Take the Poodle for a walk every day. The Poodle loves to be active, should remain active outside and walk every day outside. For example, it is possible to take it on foot or play at home or park.

Always be around and chat with them. The Poodle is very afraid of loneliness, he likes to be with people. If you are busy at work, it is best to find him another puppy as a friend. Otherwise they are very likely to be depressed.

Observe the Poodle’s expressions and behaviors. As for the health situation of Poodle dogs, every day must carefully observe to promptly detect and handle the medical condition. Pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • Is the mental state normal or not?
  • Is there a phenomenon of slowness and gradual loss of activities?
  • Is the nose dry?
  • Is the temperature normal?
  • Are there symptoms of fever?
  • The ability to eat has decreased.
  • Are there any unusual changes in defecation?

How to raise a Poodle dog without dandruff

As you all know, the Poodle is a small fluffy dog. Therefore, taking care of and keeping clean and dry hair is something you need to pay close attention to. If you don’t know how to raise a Poodle, it is very susceptible to fungal diseases with the symptom of having white bucket scales under the curly hair. And most babies have this disease.

What you need to do is keep your fur dry and clean. The best way is to sunbathe your babies every morning and evening. On sunny days, the humidity in the fur is quite high. You can use the dryer to heat them on low and dry their fur.

Poodles lose a lot of hair, what to do?

As everyone knows, the Poodle belongs to the breed that sheds less. But that doesn’t mean they don’t shed hair. If you don’t know how to have a Poodle, it can affect their hair loss. There are many causes of their hair loss. Therefore, daily grooming of Poodles is a very necessary job.

  • Due to lack of nutrition: Without protein, their body vitamins will not have enough protein to nourish their hair. Lack of protein will affect the growth of hair, but lack of B vitamins will lead to epilation.
  • Skin diseases such as fungus, dermatitis, scabies…: will all lead to hair loss. If the dog has hookworm disease, it will be thin, the conjunctiva is pale, the hair is rough and not shiny, it is easy to break. The back will appear patches of hair falling out, exposing the skin, and acne will be on the skin.
  • Due to climate change: To be more adapted to the environment, they will shed and grow new hair to be more suitable.
7 standard tips to care for and groom Poodle dogs
7 standard tips to care for and groom Poodle dogs

How to raise a Poodle dog without coughing

The Poodle is a type of fluffy dog and everyone thinks they tolerate cold very well. However, it is completely opposite. The cold tolerance of the Poodle is relatively poor. They often suffer from coughing, also known as dog crib cough.

Just like in humans, cough manifestations indicate abnormal problems with the respiratory organs and bronchi. If your dog has a cold before but does not have time to treat it, it can also lead to bronchitis or pneumonia.

When you find out that your dog has coughing. It’s okay to give them a tonic or ginger syrup. In a mild situation, do not inject because the injection is easy to harm the health of the dog. If you have a more severe cough, there is a possibility of asthma. If you inhale a foreign object, it will be very painful to cough. When suffering from infectious diseases, bronchitis will also cough, so see a doctor soon for treatment.

How to raise a Poodle to avoid cough infection just a little attention is okay. You should pay attention every time it gets cold and especially the upcoming winter purchase time. Keep your dog warm every time you go out. And it’s best to leave him indoors if you feel Poodle’s health is not good.

There is another problem that some of you often let Poodle dogs sit in the air conditioner, you should pay attention to this issue. The air conditioning temperature should be kept at a moderate and most appropriate temperature. It’s okay to leave it at 28 degrees. Avoid the situation that the dog is sitting in the air conditioner too cold or too hot. But out of the air-conditioned room with a large difference in outdoor temperature. Since then, it is easy to make Poodle dogs suffer from heat shock..

What should an anorexic Poodle dog do?

Many Poodle owners often encounter this situation. Dogs are completely healthy but very lazy to eat. Why are dogs anorexic? Or is it because the Poodle dog food ration is not suitable? With this expression, you should observe 1-2 days.

If there is a noticeable weight loss phenomenon, you need to pay attention. Observe how much food is compared to normal. If the amount of food is not half normal, the Poodle just likes to lie motionless, must take him to the veterinary hospital for examination. This situation can basically detect other diseases. You can refer to the article on the cause of anorexia in dogs and how to treat them thoroughly.

9 suggestions for what is the best Poodle dog food to eat

Why do Poodles have strange steps?

If your dog naturally staggered, or limps in front of his hind legs, calmly handle it. First, think about whether they trampled anything strange objects under their feet, were they injured, kept their toes with ticks…

If no strange wounds are detected, then it is likely because of osteoarthritis. This disease leads to pain that affects the dog’s walk. Otherwise, it is possible to have rickets. Or diseases related to bones, bones do not develop well. When touching or touching their legs, if it creaks, there may be a fracture or dislocation.

The reason why Poodles drink a lot of water

When learning about how to raise a Poodle, you will discover that when you go out to exercise about dogs often drink a lot of water. The effect of water at this time is to regulate body temperature. But if there is no activity that drinks a lot of water, it is advisable to consider whether the dog has to eat foods with too much salt content.

Drinking a lot of water is also a sign of high fever, diarrhea, diabetes, kidney disease, diabetes… Under the situation where the cause cannot be found, the dog should be taken to the vet.

Why do Poodles emit a bad smell?

The Poodle breed does not have a body odor, if they emit a bad smell on their body, pay attention to observe.

  • Bad breath. It may be caused by tartar or stomatitis. This smell may be due to inappropriate way to raise your Poodle. Use foods that create plaque or do not clean your dog’s teeth regularly.
  • Ear odor is caused by external otitis, inner otitis, or ear ulcers.
  • Body odor when suffering from skin diseases. Specifically, dermatitis or anal cysts. The smelly genital organs are caused by inflammation of the uterus, genital ulcers, and excretion. After finding the cause of the odor, you can go to the veterinary hospital with the support of a doctor.

Handling when a Poodle has swollen eyes

If you find that your eyes are swollen, or you have mucus around Poodle’s eyes, you should go to the hospital for advice. It is absolutely impossible to decide for yourself to use human eye drops to treat them.

Above are some issues that you need to pay attention to in how to raise a Poodle. Hope it helps you. Good luck to you!

How to raise a Poodle with a long life

Periodic health check

All Poodle dogs regardless of age should be checked for regular health. Vaccination also needs reinforcement and strengthening. Vaccination against 7 diseases for Poodle dogs is very important. This problem should not be neglected.

If you find that your puppy has strange symptoms, you should immediately see a veterinarian. As puppies get older, a few symptoms of illness begin to appear. It is possible that after resting the extremities harden, hearing decreases, vision decreases, and appetite loss. Most symptoms are not a big deal but must be checked promptly. If your puppy’s food intake is significantly reduced or starts drinking a lot of water, you must definitely see a doctor right away.

Check the Poodle’s teeth and gums regularly. Timely detection of redness, swelling and inflammation, plaque and other symptoms. Having your puppy chew tooth grinding can prevent dental problems. Dog toothpaste and brushes can be purchased at Pet Mart.

If you smell a strange smell or red swollen infected ears, something strange flows out of your ears, or your puppy always shakes his head, see your veterinarian. Ringworms and flatworms also need preventive treatment. There are many treatment options available by deworming Poodles.

Clean puppies can still get fleas, which once infected are difficult to remove. They will lay eggs in carpets and household items. Don’t wait until you see fleas on your body to start healing. It’s too late then, it will be very difficult to cure at the root!

Exercise and increase movement

Adult puppies, the amount of body movement needed is also gradually reduced by less. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to walk your dog. Puppies will tell us when they are tired. So observe the signal it shows. Exercise is an important part of Poodle dog care.

Ensure the health of your dog. At the same time create fun and avoid boring feelings. Dogs with little exercise will lead to many problems. Especially when it’s boring, having a bad habit of needing something to bite.

In the life of the Poodle, playing is an important and indispensable part. Remember to prepare toys well and play with them. At the same time, puppies also need their own living space, when they rest, they should not disturb. Make sure children don’t get in and out of the dog rest area.

Manage your dog

If you know the ways to raise Poodles and manage them well, this little friend will stay with you longer. For good management, you can wear a necklace or be able to prove ownership. ID card chip can be used. It is a microcomputer chip (rice grain size) implanted into a puppy’s skin. If picked up, it will be through the scanned information on the body of dogs and cats that can be reunited with you. The mounting of chips is painless and inexpensive. You can easily use them.

If you adopt a puppy from a Pet Collection Center, you will usually have a pre-chip attached. If you move house, you must actively contact the electronic chip company, if they need it will not be possible to contact you.

Buying insurance also extends the life of the Poodle dog with treatment costs when needed to save more. Due to the expensive cost of being in a veterinary hospital, it is best to buy pet insurance. There are many types of insurance to choose from. Research on choosing the right type. Insurance does not cover treatment and routine checks but may reduce other costs. Through treatment it is possible to extend the life of the Poodle longer.

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