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Cat mint grass (also known as dry cat grass, grass catnip for cats) is a plant species. It can stimulate cats to cause them to do some special actions. Let’s learn about this special grass with Pesate.

What is cat mint, dry cat grass?

Mint grass has a height of 90 – 150cm. They are distributed in Europe, America and Asia. Cat grass contains Nepetalactone. This is a chemical that is capable of causing a “sublimation” state for pet cats.

When a pet cat smells it, it will have a stimulating effect. When eating fresh catnip, it can also help your cat get rid of tangled hairballs in the belly. When they clean themselves by licking, the hair they shed will follow their mouth to their stomach. Cat grass will help them push out the hairs that have been accumulated for a long time in the cat’s belly. In addition, veterinarians have shown that cat grass also helps cats reduce bad breath. Extra fiber helps keep hair and skin healthy. Increased stimulation helps cats eat better and be happier.

Usually people call it cat grass. This is also the type of mint that cats often talk about. It has a stimulating effect that makes kittens excited. Cat grass is a plant of the barley family, which can withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for growing in all regions. Cat grass contains a lot of fiber, which helps cats digest meat as well as bones. Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, nutritionally balanced for cats.

It can also help cats spit out fur. As we all know, pet cats have to lick their fur every day to clean their bodies. It had accidentally swallowed a lot of feathers. When hairs accumulate in the stomach and intestines, it will reduce the volume of the stomach, obstruct the intestines, etc., which is very harmful. Dried cat grass has the effect of stimulating cats to spit out fur. Limit gastrointestinal diseases such as gas, bloating. Effectively reduce stress for cats.

The effect of catnip

The effect of dried catnip is to create an illusion. Kittens smell or taste it will have a stimulating effect, so it is used to train lions and tigers in circuses. It helps the beasts to become obedient and obedient. Catnip has effects similar to hallucinogens. Cats will gain excitement through their sense of smell and taste. The pet cat will roll back and forth on the ground, rubbing the flat surfaces with its face. It will even make a growl like when drunk.

According to foreign studies, catnip is a non-toxic natural herb that will not cause addiction to pet cats. Of course, there are some emperors who like mint grass, but there are also some who don’t like mint grass, what is this about?

Ingredients of Catnip

Catnip catnip, including Nepeta, is a perennial, angiosperm herb. Flowers white or light green, leaves are serrated, fast growing, flowers grow in summer. Also called cat grass, which contains a chemical called nepetalactone, greasy, easy to make cats excited. It is like a sedative for humans, but it does not create a euphoric effect for humans, but instead works to make people relax, easy to sleep.

Catnip for cats has 2 types, leaf form and powder form, leaf form is the mint we often see, usually not suitable for use for kittens. Furthermore, cats under 3 months of stress may not respond to mint. In addition, if the cat’s nature does not like “inhaling grass”, there will be no reaction to them.

There are many products on the market, such as a snack, spray, packaged as a toy, the most popular is the dried catnip commonly found in the country, which is also available in foreign countries. Fresh mint herb is used exclusively for cats.

How to grow grass for cats to eat every day at home easily
How to grow grass for cats to eat every day at home easily

When to use dried cat grass?

In general, do not give newborn cats catnip. Many owners suggest that cats before 8 months old should not be used. Wait until the pet cat slowly matures, can use an appropriate amount. For example, in the toy put some catnip, on the scratch pad put a little smell of catnip. This will make the kitten love to play with the toy, love to scratch it.

  1. Usage and dosage: Each time you take about 2-3g, put it directly inside the toy or lay it out on a flat surface for your cat to smell or eat.
  2. Product performance: Catnip only works for a short time, so it is not addictive and has no side effects. After use, for a period of time (5-15 minutes) they will change their behavior, such as sneezing, chewing, meowing, rolling back and forth on the ground, using their faces to rub surfaces, will even make a growl like when drunk. It works to help them relax, reduce stress, and quickly recover health.

Catnip catnip not only makes your cat excited and happy, but it also helps your cat vomit out the tufts of hair in the intestines. About 80% of cats, when they smell this grass, will be extremely excited, like to bite and scratch, but that doesn’t mean that they have to eat catnip to maintain their health, this product is not toxic, nor does it cause harm. addiction.

Precautions when using Catnip for cats

Do not use often. If you use too much, the cat will not be sensitive to this smell anymore, it just licks. But there are no reactions like rolling, rolling back and forth or any strong reactions. Each time you give them a moderate amount, equivalent to 2-3g is okay. If used too much at one time, it will lead to shortness of breath. Monitor and observe your pet cat when giving them this herb to avoid unexpected situations.

Where to buy mint for cats?

You can buy Catnip, catnip for cats at all Pesate pet stores. The catnip here is very high quality with full manufacturer’s labels and packaging. Both fresh and dried grass are available here. You should not be tempted to buy cheap plastic bags outside, it can be dangerous for the boss if you do not know the origin.


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