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Dragon Betta fish or Siamese fish, Thia Lia fish, fighting fish, fighting fish is a small ornamental fish that is very popular today. With a cheap price, easy to raise and possessing attractive beauty, dragon Betta fish has really conquered the aquarium hobby.

They do not need sophisticated care like foreign fish breeds. Food for dragon Betta fish is diverse. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of players, of different ages and economies. In the article below, Petsate will introduce the characteristics of dragon Betta fish. Let’s find out together.

General overview of dragon Betta fish

Dragon Betta fish is called by many other names by Vietnamese aquarists such as Siamese arowana, carrying dragon scales, Siamese … This fish breed originated in the region. Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and Malaysia are the birthplaces of the most beautiful fish strains. Food for Betta dragon fish is easy to find, easy to buy.

Dragon Betta fish is related to the common fighting fish, but has a long tail and fin. When the fish swims, the tail fin is very flexible and beautiful. However, the dragon Betta fish varieties all have in common that they are aggressive. Males can fight to the death for territory.

The life span of the dragon Betta is not high, only about 3-5 years at most. In which the first year of life is when the color of the fish is most vibrant.

Dragon Betta fish has a variety of colors such as yellow, red, white, black, blue and mixed. A dragon Betta is qualified if its whole body is uniform in color. Color is also affected by the food source for the dragon Betta.

You can buy dragon Betta fish for only a few tens of thousands of dong. However, those with strange and rare colors can be up to millions of dong.

Features of Dragon Betta fish

The maximum size of the dragon Betta is quite small, only about 8cm including the tail. This fish can live in all 3 layers: bottom, middle and water surface. Being omnivores, they can eat a wide variety of prey. Just match their size.

Common foods for Betta fish are worms, larvae or commercially available packaged food. Fish should be fed 2 meals in the morning and afternoon. Food intake is 20% of body weight. Do not pour too much food into the tank because it will cause the fish to overeat. Moreover, leftovers can contaminate the aquarium water.

Dragon Betta spawns by eggs, fry usually hatch within 4 days. The male fish will be responsible for incubating the eggs and protecting the fry. Therefore, they are very aggressive and ready to hit even larger fish. The suitable temperature for raising Betta dragon is on average 25 – 30°C, pH = 7 – 7.5. The maximum water hardness is 7 – 20.

Dragon Betta Fish Food

Food for dragon Betta fish is very diverse. With omnivorous behavior, the food for dragon Betta fish is microorganisms in all 3 water layers, they can eat worms, beetles …

Synthetic Betta fish food is commercially available. Fish should be fed in the morning and afternoon with less than 20% of body weight.

Do not pour too much food into the tank for dragon Betta fish because it will cause excess, both harmful to the fish’s digestion and dirty the water, which is not good for the growth of the fish.

Some notes when raising Betta dragon fish

Dragon Betta fish are very aggressive, although they fight very poorly. If you put 2 male fish in the same tank, they will not stop fighting until one of them dies. The other also broke the fins, torn the tail. So if you don’t breed for fighting, you should only keep one fish per tank.

Avoid placing reflective objects near the aquarium. Because they will see an image of themselves and mistake them for an opponent. The dragon Betta fish will constantly hit the wall of the tank, in the long run can be injured and die.

This aggressiveness has the advantage of keeping them alert and alert. Fins and tail are always erect and spread wide. Thanks to that, they keep their attractive beauty. It is also very beneficial to let two fish look at each other from time to time.

Raising feng shui Siamese fish according to the five elements

According to the five elements, feng shui Siamese fish farming belongs to the Fire element. When raising Siamese fish, feng shui should only raise odd numbers, avoid raising even numbers. Siamese Thai fish tank should be placed in the South direction (also in the Fire element). According to feng shui experts, the number of fish more or less depends on the date of birth of the breeder.

Thai Siamese fish is famous for its colorful, diverse, and aggressive personality. They are ready to bite each other to death to fight for territory. That’s why it’s called fighting fish. They are considered to have the effect of filling in the deficiencies of feng shui for the room.

Thai Siamese fish are easy to raise, they can live well when kept in a mini tank or water bottle. Order a Siamese aquarium on the working table to help circulate gas, bringing convenience to the farmer. Preferably round tanks.

Breeding feng shui Siamese fish brings good luck

Thai Siamese fish are very competitive. So many players often forget their feng shui use. It is a symbol of the will, the struggle, the unceasing rise. Suitable for people working in a highly competitive environment.

When raising a school of Siamese Thai fish, the one that survives to the end is the strongest one. Therefore, Siamese fish is suitable for merchants. Raising feng shui Siamese in the company helps promote the spirit of teamwork, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

For athletes or soldiers, Siamese fish symbolizes strength, capacity, competitiveness. Raising feng shui Siamese fish can bring good luck in sports competitions. Promote a career of continuous development.

Note when raising feng shui Siamese fish

Do not place the aquarium in a place with direct sunlight. Sunlight shining for a long time will heat up the water, creating favorable conditions for microorganisms and algae to grow. Fish with reduced health, very easy to get sick and die.

Do not place the Siamese fish tank next to the TV, radio speakers, electrical appliances. Because the steam from the aquarium can wear out electrical appliances. Conversely, sound waves from devices will affect the health of fish.

Do not put an aquarium in the bedroom, because the aquarium belongs to the Thuy element, the Siamese fish is always moving, not suitable for a quiet bedroom. Placing an aquarium in the bedroom will cause the air humidity to rise, which is detrimental to the health of the breeder.

Instructions to change the water of Siamese aquarium properly

Pre-clean the aquarium

When changing the water for Siamese fish, what should be paid attention to? Changing the water is a very important step in the process of raising aquarium fish. If the player is not proficient at changing the water, the fish is easy to get sick or encounter unexpected problems. When raising and caring for Siamese fish, Thai is no exception.

Before changing the water for the feng shui Siamese aquarium, use the suction pipe to clean the tank. Withdraw the old water from the tank, slowly put the clean water into the tank by the pipe.

It is also possible to add water slowly along the side of the tank. The frequency is 1 week to change 1/3 of the water. Depending on the water quality, if there is no problem, just use the pipe to suck out the dirt.

How to change water for Siam Thai fish tank

To have the right technique to change the water for the aquarium. Farmers should pay close attention to the following issues:

Change the water slowly and slowly. There shouldn’t be too much volatility. Note to avoid pouring water directly on the Siamese Thai fish. Do not use tap water to change the tank. Tap water exposed to the sun every 1-2 days must be changed once. Based on the temperature of the sun to consider when to change the water, but still at most two days.

It is more convenient to use water in the water heater. However, it also has a big problem because the water quality is guaranteed to be clean or not? There have been cases showing that the Betta Dumbo, Betta Crowtail, and Halfmoon Betta are not suitable for the water in the water heater. They are more susceptible to disease when used.

Therefore, farmers also need to pay attention to this. Moreover, it is necessary to use enough food for dragon Betta fish. Avoid causing unfortunate events that can happen. After changing the water, if a lot of air bubbles appear, it should be handled in time.

Do not let air bubbles get on the fish. You can use a racket to scrape the air bubbles out of the tank. When changing the water, the water temperature should be about 1.2°C higher than normal.

How to handle when changing water for Siamese Thai fish in the wrong way

In the case of improper water change for Siamese Siamese fish, it often leads to bubble disease, fungal disease, and white spot disease in fish. You should keep the water temperature from about 28°C and use an extra dose of salt. Pay attention to the amount of food for the dragon Betta to keep the tank water clear and clean.

Bubble disease is not a big deal. However, in some severe cases can cause fish to lack oxygen. If white spot disease is detected, the water temperature should be increased to 30°C in the early stages. If the disease is getting worse, appropriate treatment is needed.

To be able to change the water for a Siamese feng shui aquarium properly requires a lot of skills. Farmers need to learn a lot. Because each breed of fish has different characteristics. If you don’t understand them well, you can make mistakes.

Where to buy dragon Betta fish? How much?

The price of dragon Betta is generally quite cheap. Anyone can buy it. Food for dragon Betta fish can also be purchased when choosing goby. Just have a passion for raising feng shui Siamese fish in the house. You can buy dragon Betta fish with the following prices:

  • Price to buy adult red dragon Betta fish: 90 – 120k / fish.
  • Price to buy Betta red dragon drum: 80 – 90K / fish.
  • Buying price of red dragon Betta fish: 100 – 120K/co
  • Buying price of adult black dragon Betta: the average price is from 80 to 120k / fish.
  • Price to buy Betta black dragon drum: about 80 – 110K / fish.
  • Price to buy Betta black dragon female: about 110 – 120K / fish.
  • The price of buying adult Thai dumbo dragon Betta fish: 100 – 120K/fish.
  • The price to buy Betta dragon fish with adult crowntail line: 130 – 180K / fish.

According to a survey of information from a number of aquarium shops in Hanoi, the price of dragon Betta fish is lower than that of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. There is the lowest price line from only 30K / feng shui Siamese fish.


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