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White spot disease in fish is a common disease that most fish farmers face. White spot disease kills more fish than any other disease. Especially in goldfish, one of the aquarium fish species is very sensitive to the environment.

What causes white spot disease in goldfish? How is the treatment? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is white spot disease in fish?

What is white spot disease in fish?

White spot disease is a disease caused by parasitic melon worms on fish. When infected, after the gills and fins will appear many tiny white spots. When the disease spreads throughout the body, there will be a white membrane on the body of the fish.

According to veterinarians, sick fish will become less active, often swimming near the surface of the water or gathering at an angle. If not treated early, the fish will weaken and die.

In the wild, fish rarely get sick because the parasites have a hard time finding a host. Even if found, the parasite will leave and the wound on the fish will heal on its own. In contrast, when living in a closed tank environment, parasites can easily attach to fish and infect the whole flock.

When does white spot disease in goldfish usually appear?

When does white spot disease in goldfish usually appear?

The first reason is due to the difference in water temperature during the day and at night. If the aquarium does not have air conditioning equipment, the fish will be very susceptible to disease.

The disease usually appears in the summer, when the weather is hot. High temperature plus tank water is not changed in time. Fish droppings and leftovers are not cleaned periodically. Leads to the proliferation of bacteria and parasites.

Water quality has a huge impact on the health of goldfish. They are very sensitive to even the smallest changes. Under such conditions, goldfish can suffer from many more dangerous diseases. For example, scab disease, fish bubble disease….

Tips to treat white spot disease in goldfish

Tips to treat white spot disease in goldfish

The most common way today is to gradually increase the temperature of the aquarium. Every hour increases by 1-2°Cuntil the water temperature reaches 25-28°C. The melon worms are very afraid of heat, they will gradually leave the fish’s body.

While raising the temperature, you must carefully observe the behavior of the fish. To make sure they can withstand such heat. Do it once a day until the spots are completely gone.

The second way is to use potassium permanganate to disinfect the tank. Rinse all decorations and equipment in the tank with medicine. Then use boiling water to rinse the tank once (if you use a plastic pot, it is not necessary). New water must be maintained at a temperature of 25-30 .°Cand full of oxygen.

Mix a little salt into the water, rate 4%, then release the fish back into the tank. Regularly observe the condition of the fish. If you have time, you should change the water daily and clean the tank regularly.

How to prevent white spot disease in goldfish

How to prevent white spot disease in goldfish

When feeding fish, you should not overfeed. Just drop a little bit each time, enough for the fish to eat all the bait. Change the water regularly to ensure a clean environment. See more ways to feed fish rationally and scientifically at petmart.vn.

Do not change more than 1/3 of the tank water each time you change the water. Do not change the fish’s life circumstances suddenly. When changing the water, let the water flow only slowly to keep the temperature stable.

Water used to raise fish must be exposed to the sun for a few days to remove all chlorine. Daily tap water can be used to raise goldfish.

If you are interested: how to treat white spot disease in aquarium fish, medicine to treat white spot disease in fish. Please comment below for the most complete and detailed advice.

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