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Caring for dogs after spaying and neutering is one of the issues that every dog ​​owner must pay attention to. Because of neutering dogs It also means cutting off a part of their body. So after sterilization, you must adhere to a certain timetable and be very gentle. Let’s find out details with Pesate!

Clean body

How you take care of your dog after spaying and neutering is entirely up to you. Use paper towels to clean and clean your dog. Because the tissue has no water, it is safe for your dog. However, before cleaning, you must keep the dog dry for 7-10 days.

Currently on the market there are many types of specialized cleaning wipes for dogs. And whichever one you choose, use it carefully to prevent your dog from tugging at the stitches.

After about 7-10 days, your dog’s incision will heal. They may be mildly active, but your dog won’t be able to understand it. Therefore, they will still have the same expressions and actions as usual. For example, rolling on the dirty floor, stepping into the mud or curling up in the dry leaves.

After neutering surgery, you must be very careful when bathing your dog. The incisions can still become wet, causing them to itch. Wet your dog’s coat, and then use a specialized bath oil for a gentle massage.

Using bath oils from natural ingredients will not cause allergies. Ingredients like oats and herbs are beneficial for sensitive skin. Choose a soap-free shampoo.

When you bathe your dog, gently massage with one or two fingers, not tugging. After bathing, use a clean towel to dry the dog’s body. Then dry the entire incision area, as well as the rest of the dog’s body. Do not let the skin and hair get wet, to avoid causing fungal infections.

Cleaning the incision (incision)

For a few days after tending to a spayed and spayed dog, the incision site may become dirty or ooze some pus. This is a completely normal phenomenon, do not worry too much. Instead, clean the incision using a damp, warm, soft cloth to gently dab the incision site.

Never rub or wipe the incision site repeatedly. Please consult your veterinarian. You can use sanitize chemical to gently apply to the wound if allowed.

Care of spayed and neutered dogs should be noted

In the process of caring for dogs after neutering and neutering, do not let them get wet. Avoid bathing your dog for 7-10 days. If possible, wait until the dog’s stitches have been sutured. Care must be taken to keep the incision free of moisture.

The incision must be kept dry and protected from scratches by external factors. The wound should not be covered with water or drool. Prevents infection and bacteria from entering and causing inflammation.

Most puppies will undergo sterilization surgery when they are 6 weeks to 1 year old. During this time, your dog’s immune system is in a stage of development. This will make your dog more susceptible to infection. Especially after surgery.

Puppies will have a harder time regulating their body temperature than adult dogs. You must pay special attention to the incision, if the incision shows signs of infection such as swelling, redness, yellow pus and an unpleasant odor, you must take your dog to the veterinarian immediately for treatment. timely handling.

Avoid letting your pet lick the wound

Taking care of female dogs after neutering is more complicated than male dogs. Avoid letting your dog lick the wound or run around a lot. This may adversely affect the wound. You can dress them up, wrap them in a towel, or use an anti-licking ring to prevent this.

After a few days, the incision will start to appear on the young skin. At this time, your dog will feel itchy and uncomfortable. They can scratch, lick, tear, and sometimes become grumpy. Help them feel more comfortable by petting them a little more. Talk to them or gently scratch the area around the wound to temporarily forget the uncomfortable feeling.

During this time of caring for dogs after neutering and neutering, you should also isolate them from other pets to avoid collisions, scratching, and playing when the wound and body have not fully recovered.

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