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Difficulty giving birth is always a situation that causes many dog ​​owners a headache. When raising breeding dogs, the detection of estrus and dog breeding and care during pregnancy is very important. In which, determining the time of birth is essential to ensure that the mother is round and the child is square. Most dogs will give birth on their own, but the phenomenon of difficulty in giving birth occurs more and more. If not timely intervention can occur unfortunate consequences for both mother dogs and puppies.

If uterine contractions last more than 2 hours. Indicates that the female dog’s body appears abnormal. If uterine contractions are weak (due to fatigue, low blood sugar and calcium levels, etc.). Cases such as difficult-to-deliver dogs like this need the support of fertility drugs and surgery.

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The cause of the dog’s difficulty in giving birth

First we need to find out the cause of this disease. Usually your dog is in a restless mood, scratching at the nest, cushioning, anorexia. If eating, eat only a small amount of food, vomiting lightly before giving birth. Body temperature drops, continuous pushing, water breaks, but the fetus is still stuck in the vagina/pelvic. It’s time to give birth but still can’t see the birth, there is amniotic fluid coming out of the mother dog’s mouth, there is a painful phenomenon. There are many reasons why dogs have difficulty giving birth, such as:

Due to dog breed

Not only Chihuahua, but most small dog breeds such as Phoc squirrel, Yorkshire Terrier… These breeds have narrow pelvis structure, often difficult to give birth, often have to have a caesarean section because the fetus cannot pass through the pelvic door. Even larger breeds such as Bull dogs… also have to give birth by caesarean section, the rate of caesarean section can be over 70% because this breed has a very large skull structure in puppies, so it is often difficult to give birth.

Because dogs give birth at too old age

On average, dogs over 4 years old giving birth for the first time or with dogs that are too old will lead to a condition where the pelvis is no longer cartilage. Leading to poor elasticity also leads to difficulty in giving birth in dogs.

Due to illness

Congenital heart, malnutrition, body edema, metritis, menorrhagia after mating, or inversion of the uterus during mating, genetic diseases: inbreeding, inbreeding, teratogenic pregnancy.

Due to the mother dog’s psychology at birth

Psychiatric panic, fear causes bleeding from the genital tract, rupture of membranes first, fetal suffocation, causing “obstruction” for the following fetuses. The owner is too affectionate, merciful, and caresses a lot, which “reduces the psychology of labor” and also causes difficult or long labor.

Due to improper care

The mother dog eats too much, when pregnant, she is sedentary, the fetus is large, the mother is sluggish and stagnant, it will be very difficult to give birth. Due to change of new owners, new accommodation before giving birth.

Overcoming the phenomenon of difficult-to-grow dogs

Difficulty giving birth can be handled by intervening with Oxytocin drug for cases where the pelvis is already dilated. The fetus can be expelled vaginally. The fetus is in a normal position, or the dog has given birth to a baby, the mother dog is still healthy. Oxytocin stimulates the uterus to contract. But only used when thoroughly tested. Since it can sometimes lead to uterine rupture, the puppy suffocates.

If, after help with oxytocin, the dog continues to fail to give birth after 30 minutes of pushing. Then it has to be surgical intervention.

Preventing difficult dog birth

The mother dog should have a suitable diet and activity regime while pregnant. Minimize giving birth for dogs with a history of difficulty in giving birth. Not adding too much nutrients leads to too big a pregnancy. Choosing the right breed of dog to mix…

Mother dogs usually give birth in the middle of the night or early in the morning. This time is not favorable to bring to the vet. You can let them move slowly, gently massaging their belly. Also give them a little nutritious food, to make it easier for them to give birth.

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