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What is the most reliable address of the veterinary clinic and hospital in Hanoi? Which veterinary hospital is reasonably priced? Veterinarians in Hanoi are interested in the profession? These are always the questions that cat owners seek.

Raising any animal will sometimes get sick even though no one really wants it… In this article, Pesate wants to share information about veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals where you can bring cats and dogs. Your pet comes for medical examination and treatment when needed.

Please note that cats and dogs do not have the ability to communicate, so it is difficult for us to know where they are in pain, where they are sick. So when you start to see symptoms, you should take them to a doctor soon, don’t let the disease get worse, it’s too late. People can comment on inaccurate places or comment on the clinic so that members can know and avoid. Thank you all!

When to bring your dog or cat to the veterinary clinic?

When your pet shows unusual signs, go to the doctor immediately. As an owner, when bringing a dog or a cat home. That is, you have considered them as a member, a family member. And no one wants their loved one to get sick. Everyone wants them to have a healthy body.

However, with a pet’s lifespan of several decades, it will be difficult to avoid that you will have to take your pet to the veterinary hospital a couple of times. So when taking your pet to the doctor, what should you pay attention to?

Do not hold your pet too tightly in your arms

When taking pets to the hospital, veterinary clinic with small pets, you must put them in a dog cage or bag. Mobile warm, safe!

If placed in a cage, it is best to use a cloth cover. To avoid them seeing the change in the environment as well as the surrounding scenery. That change will frighten them to a certain extent.

In the veterinary hospital you and your pet will surely meet big ferocious dogs. There are even dogs with incessant loud barking. Then the hospital smell, the strange smell from other dogs… Therefore, a safe, comfortable cage is essential.

If a large dog has a broken bone or organ damage, it is best to prepare a small stroller to move around in the veterinary clinic. Try to keep them in a certain position. Do not move much. Avoid causing other damage, making the disease more and more serious.

Bring a mattress or small blanket

When pets are sick, their body temperature will drop, their body will be weak and weak. Or will have a high fever, causing a state of shivering. Moreover, anyone who has ever been to a veterinary clinic to treat dogs and cats knows that. The pet’s position is all made of metal. And of course, don’t let your pet lie on that cold metal plate. They are not good for pets!

Whether it’s summer or winter, when taking your pet to the doctor. You should also bring a thin mattress or a small blanket. To protect their bodies. Because going to the hospital was afraid, even having to lie on that metal sheet like ice would make the dog uncomfortable. Feeling even more anxious.

Choose a vet in Hanoi with a vision and mind

Maybe a lot of people think: as long as it is a professional veterinary clinic with modern equipment, the medical examination will be very good. But with pets, they need more “familiarity, habit”. Find a suitable Hanoi vet at a familiar clinic. Will reduce their defensive nature.

Pets when they have to go to the veterinary hospital will be like children. Extremely scared. Out of fear, they will bite and bark. Even scratched and injured the doctors. Every time you bring your pet to such a clinic, what should be done with “that mismatch, not adapting”? The answer is to try to find them a reliable doctor.

Do not let pets near other pets

Hospitals, veterinary clinics are places where too many bacteria and viruses gather. Letting your pet and other pets come into contact with each other is extremely easy. Thus, in a short time will be favorable transmission opportunities for infectious diseases. Like fleas, skin diseases, and other serious diseases are easily spread.

Some people think that a veterinary hospital is a place that is sterile and clean. Your pet will be cured. And so they carelessly let them play with each other. That is one of those mistakes that is too serious and extremely dangerous.

Comfort your pets when they have to give water

When infusing water, Hanoi veterinarians will definitely use dressing, medical gauze to fix the needle tip. Owners must immediately be concerned about transmission status. After that, it takes a few hours for your dogs to absorb it. The solution will slowly enter the muscles, causing swelling, causing quite a pain.

So it’s best then to stay with your pet to comfort and encourage them. Since you don’t do it, no one will have time to do it for you. Veterinarians in Hanoi cannot take care of each dog and cat carefully and meticulously. And of course, you don’t want to see your friend in pain alone.

After all, when your pet is sick, don’t just give medical care. Prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge. As well as prepare the necessary items to ensure that your pet is always as comfortable and as fearless as possible! A hospital, professional veterinary clinic can make you feel secure about treatment. But besides that, please actively coordinate with Hanoi veterinarians to help your “little friend” recover quickly and best.


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