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Is it difficult to raise Mealworm worms to reproduce? Mealworm or mealworm, milk worm… Is a high-grade food, a harmless green food with high nutrition. Mealworm rice worm contains high protein, low fat and many vitamins indispensable for the body. The Mealworm trade is very active.

Moreover, it is a good food for valuable domestic animals such as birds, scorpions, aquarium fish, frogs… So how to raise Mealworm correctly? Today Petsate will give you a learning method.

Prepare equipment for raising Mealwom rice worms

The first and most essential tool in how to breed Mealworms is a plastic tray. This plastic tray must have many small holes to create a habitat for the Mealworm rice worm.

However, in case you cannot find a small hole plastic tray, you can flexibly use a normal tray. You can then flexibly line one layer of mesh. Pay attention to choose a mesh with small holes and place it about 2-3cm away from the tray.

This method of breeding Mealworm worms will limit the number of worms that die. Because sometimes you feed worms, but a large amount of food does not stop stagnation, it will cause the worm to die.

Many people who raise mealworms do not follow these instructions correctly, causing the worms to die without finding the cause. Careful use of special trays will greatly increase your success rate of mealworm rearing.

How to breed Mealworm worms

When the temperature is around 25°C, after 3 – 5 days the mealworms can hatch from the eggs. Lower temperatures will cause the eggs to hatch slowly. After the sunken larva turns into a pupa, it is necessary to promptly separate the larvae.

Because the worm cocoons won’t work, there is a chance of being bitten by the worm. After separation, it is necessary to leave the deep cocoons in a cool, hot and dry environment. When the temperature drops below 20°C, after 1 week, it can basically turn into an adult beetle.

The method of raising Mealworm worms to produce powder is different, the number of eggs laid is also different with the time spent. Adults fed with artificial food, straw, wheat flour, soybean meal, the growth time and egg laying time are 60 and 90 days, respectively.

The way to raise Mealworms to reproduce is when feeding is to mix artificial food using 100g of straw, 20g of sugar. Glucose0.5g Cholesterol, 0.02g Choline chloride, 0.5mg Vitamin B2, 40mg water.

What do Mealwom rice worms eat?

In how to raise Mealwom rice worms, the most important part is nutrition. Mealwom rice worm farmers mainly feed them chicks bran or cornmeal. When buying and selling Mealworms, remember to ask about their food.

In addition, you can also add them to thinly sliced ​​vegetables such as apples, potatoes, lettuce, watermelon, water spinach. These foods are very good for Mealwom rice worms. This is also an effective way to breed Mealworm worms.

When raising Mealwom rice worms you must pay attention to their water intake. About 3-4 days you need to provide enough food containing water for Mealwom rice worms.

If living in closed cages and trays without adequate food and water supply. This way of raising Mealworm worms will tend to eat each other.

The growth process when raising mealworms

During the growth process, the mealworm will undergo four morphological changes. The adult beetle stage, the egg stage, the larval stage, and the pupal stage are respectively.

Feeding mealworms in the egg stage

How to raise Mealworm at the egg stage: adult beetles will put their eggs in wooden boxes with lots of food, swap the wooden trays containing eggs on the shelf, so that the eggs themselves turn into larvae.

Attention should be paid to observe, not to move, to prevent damage to eggs or damage to larvae during hatching. When the outer layer of food appears larval skin, the worm has already been born.

Larval stage

Every time Mealworm rice worm molts once, the food must be renewed, fecal screening in time, and new food added. At the adult stage, the food on the bottom has eggs and deep feces, which easily causes mold, it is necessary to change the tray in time.

Cultivation of adult mealworms

In order to increase reproduction and development, for larvae, after the beetles mature into wings, the food should add an appropriate amount of Glucose or fish meal, Vitamin powder. Mealworm must eat fresh vegetables every day.

It is necessary to observe the situation of the stages of the worm, if the Mealworm is detected, the worm must be removed in time to prevent infection with disease bacteria. At this point, you can proceed to buy and sell Mealworm worms.

Pay attention when raising mealworms

In the hot summer with high temperature, the feeding box should be placed in a cool ventilated place. Or open the ventilation window, timely supplement vitamins and green food for Mealworm rice worm. And sprinkle water on the ground to lower the temperature, to prevent disease from spreading.

In winter, the method of raising Mealworm worms is to use a charcoal stove for heating, it is necessary to regularly use the humidity temperature chart to measure the air humidity in the rearing room.

Once the humidity is below 55%, it is necessary to sprinkle water on the ground to increase the humidity, or increase the water content of the feed, or feed more green food, to prevent pests and diseases from arising.

Mealworm rearing at an appropriate living temperature of about 21-26°C is the most appropriate. You need to pay attention to keep the temperature in the box always fluctuating within this range. If you forget to let the Mealworm live in an environment below 17°C, the mealworms will die very quickly.

In addition, some notes on the habitat of the Mealworm rice worm you also need to pay attention to. Worms need a dark environment, avoid direct light and airy to grow well. Because when you have to live in an environment without deep air, it will be slow to grow and more likely to die.

Mealworm worm market?

The Mealworm worm trade has been growing strongly in Vietnam for the past 4 years. People buy and sell Mealworms for pet food.

It is known to aquarists as a nutritious and favorite food for many species of insectivorous birds as well as some aquarium fish. Especially making food for arowana fish . They even bought and sold Mealworm worms for Hamsters.

According to some addresses specializing in raising and sharing how to breed Mealworm worms, their prices are quite high. They are usually retailed for 300-400 thousand / kg.

Hope the above sharing on how to raise Mealworm worms can help you to feed your own pet food. If you have any questions, you can send information to us for the fastest response and support. Wish you will have an effective way of raising Mealworm worms for yourself.

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