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Currently, dog and cat grooming training centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and Hai Phong are increasingly developed and expanded. In line with the direction of the pet service industry in Vietnam, the Groomer more and more opportunities for self-development. Groomer here are the people who do dog hair clippers . Includes bathing, shaving, pet grooming spa. Especially ornamental dogs and cats are extremely popular with young people today.

Learning to trim dog hair is a popular profession

The pet care industry is evolving. Human demand for pet products and services is increasing day by day. With boundless love for cats and dogs, owners always want to give their pets the best. In this profession of pruning dogs and cats, it is necessary to mention the dog and cat hair trimming service .

The profession of trimming dog and cat hair, also known as Groomer, also increases accordingly. A series of training courses and schools for dog and cat grooming were opened. However, at present, the number of Groomers still does not meet all the needs of the market. Grasping the development trend and essential needs of people, many dog ​​grooming training centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong and other big cities have been opened. Here, you have the opportunity to learn and experience all the content of the pet industry.

Especially, after the training courses, you definitely have a job in hand and can earn a lot of money. This is a very “hot” profession and has not shown any signs of cooling down. Many young people have succeeded and created their own careers after participating in these courses.

Detailed content of the dog grooming course at Pesate

Currently, most of you have to learn to trim through youtube channels, images on the internet. However, the lessons are mainly under foreign copyright. You will quickly get discouraged and give up because you don’t understand anything. Some small centers just opened, the cost of learning to trim dog hair is too high, not suitable for the market economy.

At Pesate, students are given all necessary tools for the learning process. Pesate does not apply the usual simple theoretical teaching. Students gain skills through practice. With Pesate’s dog grooming training program, you will not face any barriers. Real people, real work, practice always and get results in the first day. You will accumulate a wealth of experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

  1. Test and reinforce basic skills (Basic knowledge of dog and cat breeds, typical characteristics and habits of each type, thereby guiding appropriate care methods)
  2. Learn how to professionally bathe your pet (care skills such as bathing, cleaning ears, cutting nails)
  3. How to handle different dog breeds.
  4. How to handle different coat materials (proper brushing technique)
  5. Practice trimming and styling the most popular styles today.
  6. Learn to think and create the latest dog and cat hair clipping patterns.
  7. Learn hair dyeing, color mixing and fashion styling.
  8. Tutorial on how to style and photograph products after trimming.
  9. Teach the right “care” for tools and equipment.
  10. Discuss, guide and correct common mistakes in Grooming work.
  11. Get in touch with and work with professional Groomers.
  12. Advice on opening a self-service shop and building a personal brand if needed.

After the training course, students are granted a degree, certificate and have the opportunity to work at Pesate with a starting salary of 10 million VND/month.

Pesate recruits based on criteria: professional and friendly. Not only will you learn more jobs, but you will also have more lovely colleagues. If you really love dogs and are passionate about teaching dog grooming, then we are the best choice for you!

Why should you come to Pesate to learn dog grooming?

Students will have the opportunity to interact with and use professional and modern Grooming products and tools. During the learning process, you will be guided to participate in dog grooming competitions. Be it domestic or international, this can help future Groomers assert their skills. After completing the course and graduation exam, it will be assessed and awarded an international certificate.

Currently, the profession of dog hair trimming has been a profession that brings a stable source of income for many young people. With skillful and professional hands, you will have the opportunity to achieve a starting income of 10-15 million VND/month. A job that pays well and does not require such a degree is certainly only available at Pesate.

With a wide network of branches, this is one of the cradles for training professional “Groomers”. Many customers have chosen Pesate to use their pet care services, this is an advantage for students to have the opportunity to experience their aesthetic skills on many different pet breeds. Over many years of development, Pesate has trained hundreds of students and employees with many outstanding achievements. Providing beauty care services for more than 50,000 pets from 2012 to present.

Check out other dog grooming courses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Normally, each dog training school will have different contents. However, in general terms, the first lesson will be a basic familiarization step. Get to know pets, learn how to care for and communicate with different breeds of cats and dogs. Learn how to take a bath spa, get acquainted with spa tools and supplies such as hair dryers, combs, nail clippers, scissors…

After that, there will be a professional dog grooming course in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi to help Groomers improve their skills and work experience. Groomers will learn skills to solve common problems encountered in the Grooming process.

Ho Chi Minh City Dog Trimming Course / Ho Chi Minh City Grooming Course

Teddy Dog Shop (Teacher: Mr. Khuong) – Ho Chi Minh City

Training contents: Basic pet care. Get familiar with grooming tools. Use spa cosmetics. Techniques for cutting and shaping pet hair… Do not support accommodation and learning tools to trim dog hair. Study with Vietnamese teachers. Deposit 5 million in advance for admission.

  • Basic C key: 15 million / 30 sessions.
  • Advanced Course B: 20 million / 35 sessions.
  • Professional A course: pay another 10-15 million.

DogParadise (Teacher: The Nguyen) -Ho Chi Minh City

Training contents: Getting to know pets. Bathing and spa techniques for dogs. Proper brushing and drying techniques during the drying process. Hygienic grooming techniques for dogs. Hair dyeing techniques for dogs. Does not support housing and pruning tools. Rent a hairdryer and towels.

  • Course 15 million / 90 sessions: study within 1 year, time is not fixed.

How much does it cost to learn dog grooming in Hanoi?

KimiPet Shop (Teacher: Thuy Linh Nguyen) – Hanoi

Training contents: Instruction on the use of pet care equipment and facilities. Bathing, combing, drying pet’s hair. Poodle, Pom dog hair trimming. Dyeing pet hair… A learning kit is provided. Study from Monday to Friday: 10am – 5pm daily.

  • Course 14 million / 6 weeks: Learn from teachers with more than 5 years of experience. Training and tutoring for students with poor skills (no additional fees are charged).
  • Course 18 million / 8 weeks: Learned with teachers with more than 7 years of experience, 3 degrees in professional pruning in the world.

LanLan Pet (Teacher: Lan Luong) – Hanoi

Training contents: Cleaning, spa, bathing dogs and cats. Learn dog grooming styles. Hair dye, creative styling. Dog Grooming Show – let the dog go to the playing field… Support school supplies such as dryers, towels. Buy other school supplies by yourself such as scissors and combs.

  • Basic key: 10 million / 24 sessions.
  • Professional course: 18 million / 48 sessions.
  • Creative course: 25 million / 66 sessions.

Queen Pet Shop (Teacher: Tho Dinh) – Hanoi

Training contents: Pet care. Teaching a variety of pruning dogs, squirrels, mini schnauzers… Coloring and dyeing… Course price list: free learning tools are provided.

  • Advanced course: 12 million / 20 days.
  • Professional course: 18 million / 60 days.

Pet Icon Academy (Teacher: Giang Trinh) – Hanoi

Training contents: Pet health care. Drying technique. Get familiar with pruning tools. Dog trimming and styling… No learning tools are provided. Students must purchase their own.

  • Faucet lock: 50 million / 50 sessions.
  • Advanced course: pay another 20 million.

LinoPet (Teacher: Dieu Linh) – Hanoi

Training contents: Learn basic hygiene. Contact the dog, practice holding the scissors properly. Trim hair with basic body and face cuts. Creative dyeing… Provided learning tools.

  • Unique Basic Key: 15 million / 45 sessions.

Adding a dog grooming center in Da Nang and other provinces

  1. Ritdo Pet (Teacher: Nguyen Lu Anh Phuong) – Da Nang
  2. Phu Spa Academy (Teacher: Lam Dai Phu) – Da Nang

Review dog grooming courses

In general, the courses have commitments for students. Guarantee both quality and quantity. And provide certificates for students after finishing. There are many courses with the participation of international lecturers. Especially countries with experience in the pet industry such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia. International cooperation brings about cultural exchange between regions. Contribute to the development of creativity for Vietnamese Groomers. If you want to try and stick with the profession of dog grooming, then these are definitely the “start-up” places for you.

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