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The Sphynx cat is also known as the sphinx cat, wrinkled-skinned cat, Egyptian cat or hairless cat Sphynx. This is a breed of pet cat originated in Canada, just appeared in the 1960s. The price of purebred Sphynx cats is almost the most expensive in the world. Although they are recognized as the ugliest cat breed in the world. The characteristic of the Sphynx cat is that the hair on the body is very thin and thin, it looks like there is no hair at all.

The unique appearance of the Sphynx cat is also becoming more and more popular. Due to the lack of hair, the Sphynx cat is very vulnerable and requires more special care than other normal cat breeds. The following article of Pesate will help you better understand this cat breed before deciding to spend a lot of money to buy them.

The origin of the cat Sphynx

Sphynx hairless cat is the result of a genetic mutation

Hairless cats have been recorded many times in history in both Europe and America. However, those are just a few single wrinkled cats and have not been properly bred. The hairless wrinkled breed of cat we know today evolved from a cat named Prune.

According to many experts, the Sphynx wrinkled-skinned cat is the result of a genetic mutation. In the years 1966 – 1978, there were many cases of hairless cats recorded. But they all have no descendants. In 1966, a Sphynx hairless cat named Prune was born. Become the basis for breeding this cat breed.

Many people because of the name of the cat Sphynx confuse their homeland in Egypt. Because they are also called the sphinx cat, the Egyptian cat. In fact, due to their appearance they are very similar to the legendary sphinx. That’s why they’re called that. Before that, they were often referred to as Canadian hairless cats and were advocated by many people.

It is a hairless breed of wrinkled-skinned cat developed through several generations of inbreeding. Like many other mutant cats, the Sphynx wrinkled-skinned cat suffers from a host of health problems, including high rates of stillbirth and a host of other genetic diseases.

Sphynx hairless cat recognized

For many years, the Sphynx wrinkled-skinned cat was not recognized by international cat organizations due to concerns about their health. Because this cat breed is the result of a mutation in a recessive gene in the domestic short-haired cat breed. To remedy these problems, breeders have bred them with the Cornish Rex, a curly and sparse breed.

  • In 1971, this Sphynx hairless cat was recognized by the CFA
  • In 2005, they were officially recognized by TICA (International Cat Association).

The Sphynx is considered the ugliest cat breed on the planet due to their naked and wrinkled, somewhat intimidating skin. In addition, in the world today, there are 2 other cat breeds that are characterized by hairless, Peterbal and Donskoy cats. Both of these cats are from Russia and have nothing to do with the Sphynx cat. These are all very rare and expensive cat breeds.

Characteristics of the wrinkled, hairless cat breed Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is not a cute cat. Their beauty comes from their uniqueness. Many people who see this cat for the first time think that they are the embodiment of the devil. Despite being called a hairless cat, the Sphynx cat still has a very thin layer of fluff. But it has absolutely no protective effect on their bodies. At birth, they have a round face, a large head, but as they grow older, the face becomes more pointed and balanced with the whole body.

  • Face: Angle, sunken cheeks. Looks a lot like “alien”. His face is always thoughtful and serious.
  • Mouth: Small.
  • Ears: Very large and located close together, the size can be as large as 1/2 of the face.
  • Eye: Big, slightly convex, quite fierce looking.
  • Sphynx cat’s skin is very weak: Wrinkled-skinned cats are vulnerable to sunlight. In addition, it is the only cat breed that can sweat through the skin. In the summer, owners of Sphynx hairless cats need to clean them regularly. In winter, they need a coat to keep warm.
  • Skin color: Usually has a ruddy skin color. But there are also many that can have cavities or spots like tattoos. Skin color is very diverse.
  • Wrinkle: The Sphynx hairless cat has many wrinkles around the face and neck. Especially in newborn cats. Is the cat version of the Sharpei breed. As we grow older, wrinkles are reduced, becoming more glossy. Only some wrinkles remain. In particular, the skin of the Sphynx cat is also colored, areas that should have had different hair color are replaced by cavities and spots on the skin.
  • Beard: Very short and fragile.
  • Tail: As long as the tail of a mouse.
  • Character: Friendly, wrapped owner. Smart and independent.
  • Body temperature: Slightly taller than common cat breeds.
  • Classification: Medium sized cat
  • Longevity: 9 – 15 years
  • Height: 20 – 26 cm
  • Weight: 3.5-7 kg

In many action movies, the hairless cat Sphynx is often associated with villains. Or play the bad guy, as opposed to the main character. Many people after coming into contact with them have changed their view of this cat breed.

Sphynx cat evaluation criteria

Here is the standard information about the standard Sphynx cat:

  • Master wrap level: 80%
  • Odor level: 20%
  • Ease of beauty: 40%
  • Child-friendly: 100%
  • Other animal friendly: 100%
  • Mobility ability: 80%
  • Ability to learn: 80%
  • Cold tolerance: ten%

Sphynx cat food

The diet of the Sphynx cat is a little different from that of other cats. Since there is no hair on the body, you need to provide a certain amount of food for the cat needed for energy production to stabilize body temperature. The amount of food can be more than normal cats.

To help cats balance nutrition, it is best to use cat food or wet food in the form of sauce, pate… Sometimes adding Calcium and Vitamins for them is okay. Taking good care of Sphynx cats can help prolong their life.

Some misconceptions about sphinx cats

Sphinx cat suitable for people with allergies

A popular belief these days is that sphinx cats do not shed. So it is very suitable for people with fur allergies. In fact, this notion is incorrect. The main cause of allergies is proteins in the cat’s skin and saliva.

In the hairless sphinx, the protein composition of their body is similar to that of other cats. But because the hair is so short, it is less harmful to humans. Causing the above misconception. So if you are allergic to fur, you also need to be careful when choosing this breed.

The sphinx cat doesn’t need a bath

Completely wrong! Don’t think sphinx cats don’t have thick coats, but assume they don’t need a bath. On the contrary, their skin has quite a lot of wrinkles, and produces a lot of oil. Therefore, it is necessary to bathe the cat periodic. Also apply lotion to protect their skin.

Due to their lack of protective fur, they are very vulnerable. They are also very afraid of the cold, cannot go out in the sun. Otherwise, it is very easy to get skin cancer. That’s why hairless cats are really not for lazy people.

How much does a Sphynx cat cost?

The price of Sphynx cat – sphinx cat has a big difference depending on origin, age, sex, color. However, the price of Sphynx cats is still high because the domestic supply of cats is still not much. Therefore, buying a purebred Sphynx hairless cat is not easy.

The average price of domestic and undocumented Sphynx cats is currently at 10-20 million. Most are cat owners and self-breed. Currently, there are only a few breeders that focus on breeding this breed of cat. The quality of the baby Sphynx hairless sphinx is therefore also very precarious, causing quite a lot of influence for cat buyers.

The price of purebred Sphynx cats with full papers and genealogy often has an average selling price of over 20-40 million. This is the price of Sphynx cats with domestic breeding parents. The advantages of paper cats are good breed quality, few genetic diseases and high purity.

In addition, imported Sphynx cats are also popular with many unique pet lovers. Most cats in Vietnam are imported from Russia and Eastern European countries. These cats have a common price of about 25-70 million depending on the quality of the pedigree. Cats imported from the US and Canada also exist but in very small numbers. Moreover, the shipping fee is very high, so it is very rare for players to choose.

Be careful when buying and selling hairless cats Sphynx

As mentioned above, the current standard price of Sphynx cats is usually over 10 million. However, the market has begun to appear for sale cats with very cheap prices, only about 8 million. These are usually hybrid cats and do not have papers as well as certificates of health, warranty. Selling cheap Sphynx cat has many potential risks. There are many cases where cats get sick and die shortly after returning to their new home.

Therefore, buyers need to pay attention to avoid confusion. When buying a cat, it is necessary to ask the seller to provide enough documents, an injection book and a clear contract of sale and warranty. Should come to the place to see the conditions of livestock, barns. A cat raised in a clean, dry place is less likely to get sick than a dark, damp place.

In particular, the Sphynx is a rather sensitive cat breed. This wrinkled-skinned cat is very susceptible to skin diseases such as skin cancer, dermatitis … and obesity. This breed requires special care, especially in the summer and winter. It is not recommended to buy a Sphynx cat following the movement.

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