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Procedures and conditions for issuing / making VKA papers for dogs according to the process (Updated in 2023) of Vietnam Dog Breeders Association. Let’s learn with Pesate how to make VKA paper for dogs in the article below. And instructions on the procedures for registration and certification of births for individual dogs are as follows:

Definitions of VKA paper for dogs
  1. Recognized dog breeds: is one of several breeds that have been approved by the International Kennel Federation. Or the Vietnam Association of Dog Breeders recognized.
  2. The pedigree book of the Vietnam Association of Dog Breeders: is a document used to track purebred dogs of VKA.
  3. Purebred dogs: are individuals of one of the recognized dog breeds. Has been granted a birth certificate and named in the genealogy book of VKA. Or have a birth certificate and be listed in the genealogy of a national association that is a member or partner of FCI .
  4. Birth certificate: is a certificate of the dog’s provenance. It clearly states the origin of the previous generations of that dog. The birth certificate can be issued by VKA, or its affiliated and authorized units. Or a national association that is a member or partner of the FCI grant.
  5. Owner or co-owner: is the holder of ownership or co-ownership of individual dogs. Ownership is determined based on sales contracts. Comply with civil and commercial laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Or international trade practices.
  6. Dog breeders: is the person who directly takes care of the female dog. And the puppies at the date of birth for the puppies.

Confirmation of birth certificate of purebred dogs imported into Vietnam

All purebred dogs as defined in section 1 have the right to request VKA to certify their birth certificates. VKA will carry out the confirmation according to the procedure after satisfying the required conditions.

Dog owners are responsible for truthful and complete declaration of information requested by VKA. About the individual dogs need to confirm the birth certificate.

VKA will conduct a visual assessment for purebred dogs that need birth confirmation. To ensure that the minimum requirements for birth confirmation are met. If in the process of evaluating and detecting dogs, there are serious errors or errors that need to be removed. VKA will specify these assessments on the birth certificates for those dogs. Or refuse birth confirmation for these dogs.

The confirmation of VKA certificate for birth dogs for purebred dogs can be conducted by VKA first. Or after verifying the relevant information declared by the dog owner. In case of detecting fraud or errors in the process of declaring information of dog owners. VKA reserves the right to revoke or deny birth certificates. Certified without any obligation to the dog owner.

Issuing VKAs for purebred dogs bred in Vietnam

Parents dog is purebred dog

The case of parent dogs are purebred dogs. Raised and bred dogs according to the law. Issued by the International Federation of Kennels and/or regulations approved by the VKA. Puppies will automatically be recognized as purebred dogs. And be granted a birth certificate and recorded in the genealogy book of VKA if it meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Do not make mistakes that need to be eliminated related to the color of the coat. Mandatory pigmentation on one or several parts of the body according to standard requirements.
  • No defects, visual diseases can be seen with the eyes.

VKA only grants birth certificates to puppies that meet the above requirements. And dog owners have certifications of the breed according to the regulations on dog breeding. Issued by the International Federation of Kennels and/or regulations approved by the VKA. At the same time, the puppies must be born after the date VKA confirms the birth of the mother dog.

In the process of considering the issuance of VKA certificates for puppies. Our collaborators check and confirm the status of the parent dogs when mating. Check the number of puppies through ultrasound before the mother dog breed. Or test the puppy’s DNA to verify the origin.

The code of the puppies needs to be set according to the general rules of VKA. Specifically: All dogs born in 2009 will have a code that starts with the letter A. And there must be a suffix to identify the dog breeder or the name of the dog farm raising and breeding the dogs.

The parent dog is a non-pure dog of a recognized breed

In the case of a parent dog of a recognized breed. But not yet qualified to be recognized as a purebred dog. Puppies will be issued with a birth certificate and recorded in VKA’s pedigree book if they meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. The parent dogs have participated in competitions organized by VKA. And was judged as “very good” by the judges in 3 different competitions within 2 consecutive years. The parent dog’s certifications are required proof. When the dog owner asks for a birth certificate for the puppies.
  2. Parents and puppies must be raised and bred according to the regulations on dog breeding. Issued by the International Kennel Federation. Regulations approved by VKA.
  3. Puppies do not make mistakes that need to be eliminated with regard to coat color. Mandatory pigmentation on one or several parts of the body according to standard requirements.
  4. Puppies do not suffer from defects and diseases visible to the eye.

In the process of considering the issuance of VKA certificates for puppies. His collaborators conduct the test. Confirm the parent dog’s status when mating. Check the number of puppies through ultrasound before the mother dog breed. Or test the puppy’s DNA to verify the origin.

Documents needed to apply for a VKA certificate for dogs

Breeding Information Sheet – sent within 10 days of last mating, with copies of birth certificates of mother and father dogs or copies of certificates of dog achievements/ratings parents in competitions.

Puppies information sheet – sent within 10 days from the day the mother dog gave birth.

Application for a birth certificate for a puppy – submitted within 30 days from the date of the mother dog giving birth.

The approval of cases submitted later than this prescribed time limit will be decided by the manager of the branches, or the presidents of the member clubs of VKA, or the Secretary General of VKA.

Applicable fees for receiving VKAs for dogs

Fees related to the certification and renewal of VKA certificates for dogs are part of VKA’s revenue, which is used to cover operational costs and organize VKA events.

In the event of a change in the fee, the new fee will be announced 30 days before its application and will not take effect retroactively for applications submitted to VKA before the application date of the new fee.

This fee is regulated from September 20, 2009 as follows:

  • Birth confirmation fee: Foreign dog breeds (VND 400,000). Indigenous dog breeds of Vietnam.
  • New birth registration fee for puppies: Foreign dog breeds (200,000 VND). . Indigenous dog breeds of Vietnam (200,000 VND).

This guide is effective from September 20, 2009. In the process of implementation, if there are any unclear points or problems, please report them to the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Dog Breeders Association for clarification. and additions and modifications.

Meaning of VKA certificate for purebred dogs

VKA certificate for dogs certifies purebred dogs, after being bought and raised, to adulthood will ensure that they have the characteristics and body shape of that breed. As for the dogs without certification, when they were young, they were very similar to the dogs that I wanted to buy. However, the older you grow, the more strange it looks. Not purebred or crossbreed and not the dog we wanted to buy as a kid. So through the basic information that petmart.vn introduced above. You will find that a purebred dog certificate is a guarantee of purity. The quality is confirmed by VKA (Vietnam Association of Dog Breeders).

Choose the right male dog for your female dog

When your bitch has a purebred certificate, there is also a pedigree. And based on genealogy the breeder can know the pros and cons of his bitch. From there, there is enough information and basis to find a suitable male dog. Help to improve the weaknesses and promote the advantages. In order to produce the desired puppies with the desired trait.

Affirmation of the quality of male dogs

When a VKA certificate is issued for normal dogs, those dogs have parents who have a purebred certificate. The meaning of this helps us to know that this male individual was bred by purebred dogs. Confirmation of purity and quality through parents and pedigrees from the life of great-grandparents. So the genetic source that this male dog carries is very stable. When mated with other female dogs, the probability of producing quality and healthy puppies will be much higher than that of male dogs without paper.

Eligible to participate in beautiful dog competitions

If your dog does not have a thoroughbred certificate, this dog will not be allowed to participate. And if you do not participate, you will lose the benefits and benefits:

  1. Opportunities for friction and healthy competition. Claim your dog’s brand of crossbreeding with dogs of the same breed from other breeders.
  2. Check the quality of your dogs. Through the evaluation and examination of international arbitrators with many years of experience, objectivity and reputation.
  3. Lost interest in breeding and being shown. Presenting dogs created and trained by myself.

Affirm prestige, quality and own brand

Any breeder has a certain brand positioning. And the VKA paper for dogs, genealogy will highlight the brand. Which the breeder wants to convey to the customer and the market. When we go to buy a dog, there will be a phenomenon. There’s something different about seeing the breed dogs of each breeder. And for all the dogs from a farm, something is the same.

Management, tracking and purposeful breeding

When we raise a dog with a pedigree. We will not be afraid of falling into the case of inbreeding and afraid of identical blood, same blood, inbreeding. Will produce puppies that are weak, deformed or have undesirable traits.

Branding for new breeders

When it comes to breeding dogs, new breeders don’t have a brand name. Reputation or trust with customers. Then it is the purebred certificate that will help these breeders confirm to customers about the quality through VKA paper. Support for the sale of puppies.

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