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Today’s article, Petsate will guide you how to raise Nerita snails to reproduce extremely simply. If you are a lover of aquatic animals, it is certainly no stranger to ornamental snails This. Currently, the Nerita snail market in Ho Chi Minh City and in Hanoi is extremely active. Many aquarium stores have shared how to breed Nerita snails on many different forums. Where to buy Nerita Ho Chi Minh snails? How much is selling snail Nerita HCM? If you also love them, don’t miss this article.

Learn about Nerita Ốc Snail

Nerita snail is also known as zebra snail. On the surface of the shell, there are alternating yellow and black stripes, very similar to a zebra, and similar to a tiger stripe. This is the reason they are named like that.

Stripes on the surface of the snail shell are quite diverse, often with serrated stripes and mottled stripes… Currently, this species of snail is popularly raised in aquariums with the effect of eating harmful algae and cleaning the aquarium.

How to breed Nerita snails is not difficult. However, if not controlled, their eggs can pollute the water in the aquarium. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most scientific way to raise Nerita snails.

Living conditions of the Nerita . snail

Nerita snail’s ability to adapt in freshwater is extremely strong. Even in relatively poor aquatic environments they can survive tenaciously. This is a snail that is quite fond of hard water.

Degree pH Control in the range of 7.1 – 7.4 will be quite good. In soft water environment, it is easy to cause peeling. The pattern on the shell will also gradually wear out. Thereby reducing the aesthetics. Therefore, it is recommended to use slightly hard water to raise snails.

Control the water temperature in the tank between 22-24°C. This is the most favorable temperature for the growth and development of snails. At the same time, Nerita snails like to eat blue-spotted algae on the walls of the tank. According to this property many people use them to eliminate algae in the tank.

How to breed Nerita snails?

Nerita snail belongs to brackish water snail species. They live at the intersection of sea water and fresh water. Can live very well in freshwater environments in aquariums. However, the eggs laid by snails have no way of hatching. You can buy and sell Nerita snails in HCM, Da Nang, and Hanoi at aquarium stores.

Nerita snails in freshwater have never had a successful breeding case so far. When laying eggs, they will lay on ornamental rocks and driftwood in the tank, white eggs will make the surface of driftwood and ornamental rocks all small white spots.

Moreover, they like to lay their eggs in dark crevices of ornamental rocks and driftwood, and fish are not edible. Snail eggs can only be cleaned with algae-eating shrimp after using a toothpick. In addition, the shell is quite hard, after cleaning it will still leave white traces. You can only wait until the water flows in and then gradually disappears.

Instructions for breeding Nerita snails to breed

Release at least 5 spawned Nerita snails into the tank. It should be placed near small blocks of driftwood with green algae, providing them with a place to lay eggs. Control the temperature not less than 26°C, prevent the light from being too strong and too long.

On average, once every 3 days, change the water. Every 50% change, no need for any water purifier. If you want to equip an oxygen pump, use the lowest amount of air to control water quality.

After the baby snails are formed, gradually reduce the amount of salt within 2 weeks so that the baby snails gradually get used to the freshwater environment. Prepare 2 small tanks, the salinity of sea water is from 1,020 to 1,025, the bottom of the tank is covered with sand and coral. Finally, wait for the snail to spawn.

Usually, the ornamental snails that we keep in the aquarium are freshwater snails. Although freshwater snails can lay eggs in aquariums, they cannot hatch them. However, their spawning speed is sometimes really driving people crazy. Because snails are hermaphrodites, if the aquarium has a pet snail, it will certainly tolerate the harassment of snail eggs.

Nerita snail reproduces very quickly

Attention should be paid to how to breed Nerita snails because they grow very quickly. For example, the Nerita snail, after a while in the tank, you will find that on the wall of the tank, on the aquatic plants, on the rocks, on the driftwood, there are large and small clusters of white snail eggs. Scattered, oval, both hard and firm, like eggshells. The funny thing is that the fish does not eat, the shrimp do not touch.

Except for removing them with your hand, there is almost no way to destroy them. Over time, making people with “hole fear syndrome” feel crazy. So for how to raise Nerita snails to lay eggs in the aquarium, how should we clean and handle it?

How to kill the eggs of ornamental snails in the tank

Breeding Otto’s Goby

Buy shelled snails. In the usual case, the moss-killing snails that we come back are all the ones that have been sharpened. Heard this is sterilization for snails. Sharpening the sharp part will not lay eggs. In return for a clean lawn.

However sharpening the sharp part cannot be 100% effective. The way to raise Nerita snails to reproduce has been sharpened inefficiently. Because every day lays eggs as usual.

Fishing Otto . This way needs to be studied, not recommended. Because of the fact that many sellers are spreading the word that Otto Goby can eat snail eggs. But the mouth of Otto’s goby is so soft that it feels overwhelming, the algae can’t be eaten clean, let alone snail eggs.

Manual cleaning

Clean by hand. On the aquarium, you can pick it up with your hands, or use a razor to scrape it off. Snail eggs on driftwood, ornamental rocks, if convenient, can be plucked with tweezers.

The passive method, except on the wall of the glass tank, snails like to lay their eggs most on driftwood and ornamental rocks, just plant aquatic grass around it, it is very easy to block snail eggs, not seeing them immediately. is clean.

Take the snail out. There is no other way but to scrape the tank, there is really no way to deal with snail eggs, if you really can’t stand this shortcoming of ornamental snails, it’s still best not to raise them.

Where to buy Nerita Ho Chi Minh snails? How much is selling snail Nerita HCM?

Currently, there are many ways to breed Nerita snails. However, if you only buy HCM Nerira snails in small quantities, you can go to aquarium stores. If you want to buy HCM Nerita snails in large quantities, you should book in advance or breed them yourself. The ways to raise Nerita snails reproduce very quickly and are easy to raise.

Nerita HCM snail shops are concentrated in most districts. You can find the address selling snail Nerita HCM closest to you. You can save both time and travel costs.

In addition, there are many shops selling snails Nerita HCM online, you can refer to longtime snail farmers to find a reputable address. To buy a Nerita snail is not difficult. Many shops selling Nerita snails in HCM also offer discounts when buying in bulk, or apply the policy of buying HCM Nerita snails in quantity 1 get 10 free, buying Nerita snails in quantity 100 get 30 free… The selling price of HCM Nerita snails is extremely cheap, only from 3k/head..

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