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Recently, many friends have texted to ask Petsate how to make simple pate for kittens at home. Because sometimes being self-service pet cat to tighten feelings through the stomach is also essential. Especially kittens, which need attention from their owners. Today’s article will share how to make a simple pate for kittens without fish, safe and suitable for even cats who practice eating or have a weak digestive system.

The benefits of fresh Pate for cats

Usually, on weekends you can take the time to learn how to make pate for kittens. Currently, there are many different ways to make pate for kittens. Rely on your pet cat’s taste to give the necessary ingredients. However, if you don’t have too much time to go to the kitchen you can use canned wet food.

Pate for cats is made from fish, chicken, beef, animal organs… These are all essential sources of nutrients in kittens’ meals. These nutritional ingredients are supplemented with Protein, protein, Vitamins to help cats get enough nutrients and develop in balance. Supplement the missing amount of Calcium to help strengthen bones and strong teeth.

In addition, if your pet cat is having some hair problems, pate is a food that should not be missed. Vitamin E from fish oil is antioxidant, beautifying skin and fur. In particular, pate is a very easy to use and convenient food. You can feed your cat directly, mix it with rice or dry food as you like. Suitable for even the most anorexic cats. If stored in the refrigerator, you should heat it up before feeding your cat to ensure safety.

The best cat pate brands today

Japanese CIAO Pate, cat bonus soup

Ciao Churu for cats is currently the best-selling and most competitive product line of the brand. Help the brand develop widely and be popular all over the world. Pate Ciao Churu is produced in the shape of a small ingot, extremely convenient. You can use it as a daily snack or a reward cake for cats. Not only that, Ciao churu for cats also scores because of its extremely outstanding special texture.

All ingredients seem to be absolutely pureed. Brings a creamy, smooth texture that can dissolve as soon as the cat eats.

Pate Whiskas for cats

These seemingly difficult four-legged friends are quite permissive to the nutty flavors of pate. This is also an extremely nutritious food. In addition to giving your cat nuts and rice, you should regularly add pate to their daily taste.

Whiskas is America’s leading cat food brand. The main sources of raw materials for the production of pate are fresh sea fish, chicken, beef, liver and vegetables. The product has many characteristic flavors that stimulate the taste buds, pet cats will be more interested in eating. In particular, Whiskas pate is full of flavor from different types of fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna…). You can choose to change the taste of your cat’s daily meal.

Currently, there are many pate packages on the market with the same packaging as the real product. However, if you don’t know how to recognize it, you will most likely buy a poor quality fake. Food directly affects the digestive system and health of your cat. Therefore, you should consider carefully before buying the product. You can only identify real and fake goods when observing the product inside the package:

  • Counterfeit: the fever inside closes into hard lumps because of the use of too many preservatives.
  • Real goods: the sauce inside is fresh, the pate is sliced in slices. And especially no lumps or freezes

Pate for cats Royal Canin

Royal Canin cat pate fully meets the nutritional needs of cats. Suitable for all cat breeds such as British short-haired, American short-haired, Persian cats, our cats… With wet food, your cat is easier to digest. Ingredients are mainly from nature such as vegetables, fish, meat, fish…

Pate for Cat Sea Fish

Pate for cats Cat Sea Fish uses natural sources of ingredients, suitable for the pet’s development scheme from when they are young, growing up and getting older. In particular, it can also be combined with dry food to create a new food with many attractive flavors.

Pate for cats CATIDEA

CATIDEA is 100% imported from Thailand. With nutritional ingredients from seafood, tuna meat, bream, crab, shrimp… bring nutrition to the health of pet cats. No added seeds, no salt, no preservatives and attractants. The material is made from pure fish and gives cats delicious meals.

Why switch from dry food to wet food

Wet cat foods are foods that are prepared to keep the water intact. Wet foods include pate, casseroles, home-home homemade foods. Currently, many cat owners have switched to wet cat food. Changing your diet needs more attention from you. Because potential health problems can occur if applied suddenly, improperly.

Using dry cat food has long been popular all over the world. Dry food has many outstanding advantages such as convenience, ease of use, high nutrition. However, the regular use of this food is not necessarily good. Sometimes you should change meals for your pet cat with flavorful wet foods, stimulating your cat to eat better.

  • Wet foods contain more Protein and fewer Carbohydrates than dry cat food. And they are also considered a natural diet for cats.
  • Wet food also contains a much higher amount of water. An important factor to help avoid urinary-related diseases.
  • Cats often feel more excited and delicious with wet foods.
  • Wet food is often used by veterinarians in cases where cats have health problems.

How to change from dry food to wet cat food

Do not switch cat food suddenly

It should be noted that even a change between dry foods takes some time. Do not rush to change suddenly. Cats must not starve to force them to eat wet food. This can have unpredictable consequences for the health of cats.

Fatty liver disease can develop when cats are hungry for more than 24 hours. Even if cats eat very small amounts, they are not enough to prevent disease. Switching from a dry to wet diet is a big change. Cats need time to get used to the taste and structure of the new food. Therefore, you should not rush when making this transition.

Conversion process

Give the cat a fixed meal schedule. Do not feed cats whenever they want. Let’s start scheduling cat meals. From 3-4 meals/day. This will make the cat hungry and will want to try wet food. Make wet food as attractive as possible. Warm the food bowl to create a more nutty flavor. Never bring canned food from the refrigerator to feed your cat.

Do not leave wet cat food out for more than 20 minutes because it will dry out and lose its taste. Then your cat will definitely not be attracted to such food. And they will leave the bowl without even coming.

Mix a little dry food into wet food so that he has to work a little harder to find dry food. And in the process, the kitten will taste and eat more wet food. Gradually you reduce the amount of dry food to a regular daily basis.

If your house has more than one cat and you are again making a transition from dry cat food to wet, be careful to order each cat a separate bowl. Do so so that you can be sure that all cats receive equal amounts of food. In some cases, this also means that you should feed those cats in locations far from each other.

How to make Pate for kittens at home

Ingredients for making pate for cats

Before learning how to make pate for kittens, you also need to grasp your cat’s taste. From there, there are suitable ingredients. The ingredients you need to prepare will make about 1kg of special pate. Or 1.5kg – 2kg of diluted pate, as good as soup. Enough for the kitten to eat for a few days to 1 week depending on the diet

Note in how to make pate for kittens, do not add too many ingredients. Not every lot is good. This is a mixed ingredient that does not require high material composition. If any cat likes fish, cook bones and then make it with it. If you like chicken pate, give up meat, liver… Depending on your preferences and there are different recipes. Main ingredients

  • Pumpkin: Half a large fruit, about 500 – 600g
  • Chicken, pork also 500g
  • Chicken liver, pork 500g, 1 bag of fresh milk without sugar.

How to make pate for kittens is best when the ratio of vegetables – meat – liver is 1:1:1. It’s okay if you can move the ratio. You can replace squash with carrots, but the smell is not as fragrant as, or mixed with carrots and pumpkin.

Steps to make pate for cats

Each person will have their own way of making pate for kittens. However, summarize the basic steps as follows.

  1. Wash the liver, check and remove the honey bag, cut into pieces to reduce, soak the milk for 15-20 minutes to detoxify, then boil. Pumpkin, meat cut into small pieces, boiled and soft.
  2. Put the ingredients in the puree, during the grinding process, it is easier to grind a little water. Any friend’s house that does not have a blender can chop ingredients.
  3. Pour the mixture into a pot over low heat, cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes depending on the amount of ingredients. Stir occasionally with chopsticks, checking to see if the bottom is almost pate. With a thin pate, you have to turn less because it is quick to ripen and not easy to almost bottom the bottom.
  4. When the pate thickens, smells good, dry. Note in how to make pate for thick or distracted kittens. Pate is special without excess water. If the pate is thin, just effervescent, you can turn off the heat.
  5. Let it cool and then put it in a plastic container, store it in the refrigerator.

Pate is stored in the refrigerator for about 1 week if cooked well and the ingredients are clean. Preserving freezers is 2-3 times the time. How to make pate for kittens is just that simple, not difficult at all. At the meal, take the right amount of pate into a bowl, put it in a steamed rice cooker for about 2 minutes. Let it cool down and you can serve your cat. Pate is eaten immediately or mixed with seeds and rice. But if you mix rice, the amount of rice is less because more rice is not liked by the pet cat.

Now you know how to make pate for kittens. If you don’t have time, you can buy canned pate products available at Petsate Good luck to you!

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