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The profession of dog grooming may be a strange concept to many people. But in reality it is a profession. A true artistic profession. Those who study and do this profession are often referred to as “Groomers”. With the development of the community of dog lovers, dog grooming services also expanded and developed accordingly. So what’s so special about dog grooming, is it any different from barbers? Let’s find out with Pesate.

What is the definition of a dog groomer (Groomer)?

Groomer are people who work with passion and love for beauty. But the most special feature is the love for pets. They work in dog and cat spas or in-home dog grooming services (Dog grooming).

It’s not like beautifying people. Beautifying a dog requires very high technique and experience. Getting to know pets is the hardest thing. The pet baby leaves the owner’s arms, standing in front of a stranger’s gaze, inevitably scared and bewildered. With such a state of mind, how can they be beautified? Many owners wonder, why is the dog so stubborn and afraid of water at home, but when he comes to see the pet care staff, he is so obedient? Simply because they are skilled, have an understanding of the personalities of different dog breeds. Getting to know them will become easier.

Before going into the profession of pruning dogs, they must attend training courses in dog and cat hair trimming in a short time. Currently, this is a very lucrative and lucrative profession with an average salary of over 15 million VND/month for a professional and experienced dog pruner.

What does Pet Grooming mean?

Grooming means? Grooming in English means grooming and trimming. We can simply understand this as care, spa, and beauty activities. Currently, this concept is commonly used in the pet industry. It is considered as one of the services that bring a lot of benefits to people.

Grooming for Pet is a specialized concept. These are pet grooming activities. In Vietnam, the most popular domesticated pets are pet dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters… Therefore, sometimes you may come across some other small concepts such as: Grooming of Dogs, Grooming a Poodle, Grooming a Cat…

Grooming appeared first in European countries, Japan. Then spread to Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Malaysia… Grooming in Vietnam has only appeared in the last few years and is developing extremely well.

What is Grooming’s workflow?

The specific job of a dog and cat groomer is to help them change their appearance completely. Pets will become cleaner and more fragrant with shiny fur. A professional Pet Groomer, in addition to professional experience, needs to be very meticulous and careful. In addition, there should be responsibility and love for four-legged friends. And almost all people who work as dog and cat clippers come from that special love.

  • Pet drying bath: Squeeze out the sweat glands and use a safe, therapeutic body wash that removes dirt and parasites from your pet’s body.
  • Basic cleaning: Remove ear hairs, clean eyes and ears, and cut and sharpen nails to reduce sharpness
  • Comb tangles: Remove tangles with a specialized comb. Brushing and combing
  • Trimming and styling: Trimming and styling based on the pet’s hair material
  • Color dye for feathers.

Why learn to trim dog and cat hair?

Every owner when deciding to have a pet carries a great responsibility. It is to take care of them from every meal to sleep. Pets have become an indispensable friend of man. It has become an important family member of many people. To ensure the health of these friends, “Grooming” is a necessary job.

Just like humans, they are all clean-loving animals. We can’t go a whole week without showering, washing our hair and changing our clothes. For dogs and cats too, long coats if not cared for regularly will be a fertile home for parasites such as ticks, lice, worms and parasites.

Career is not simply beauty

As mentioned above, trimming dog and cat hair is not only a genuine profession but also a profession with artistic elements. The art here is the meticulousness in the way of working. For example, the most common Poodle hair trimming. The image of a dog with a lovely round head, neatly rounded 4 legs, big round eyes glittering out… The gait suddenly became more elegant and unnatural.

There are many different ways to trim Poodle dog hair. That’s why each dog is beautiful in its own way. Never duplicated. That’s a no-brainer of this dog and cat hair-trimming profession.

A clean, tidy dog ​​always has a lower rate of disease than other dogs. Long, dirty hair is a comfortable home for parasites to thrive. Lice and ticks love this. Not to mention skin-related diseases such as scabies, dermatitis in dogs, ear infections…

With dog grooming, all medical problems are sure to be solved without going to the vet. Trimming dog hair is much cheaper than having to buy medicine. But not all drugs are suitable for your pet’s body.

The cost of dog grooming courses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi
The cost of dog grooming courses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Where can I learn to trim dog hair?

Learn to trim dog hair Not too new, but not too old either. It was born to meet the needs of society. According to the development momentum, the pet dog also needs to be beautified at the request of the owner.

There are many spa addresses for pets . However, before studying, you should think carefully whether you are suitable for this profession or not. Is the love for cats and dogs big enough? This special object of work also requires you to be a special person.

Currently, with a system of chains of goods throughout the South – North. Pesate recruits Strong staff with many years of experience is probably the choice of the majority of students.

Is it difficult to learn professional dog grooming?

Many successful people in this field started by becoming apprentices. Following and learning from Groomer’s predecessors is the ideal path. Helping learners gain practical work experience. The pruners also have many secrets of their own that are hard to learn elsewhere.

Hoan Nguyen is such a person. He started working at Pesate from the smallest jobs such as cleaning the store, bathing pets, cleaning utensils. After working for a while, he officially learned to trim dog hair. So far, Hoan Nguyen has won many awards in competitions for Groomer. At the same time, he holds the position of Pesate Pet Care Service Manager – Northern Region.

However, working as an assistant also has many disadvantages. Because the curriculum is not conducted according to the standard. Not like the training centers to trim dog and cat hair. Most apprentices have to observe and draw experience. And in this process, it is very easy to make mistakes. Furthermore, many important steps can be omitted.

Join a dog grooming training course

Currently, due to the strong demand for pet care, many dog ​​grooming courses are opened. The number of students participating in the courses is increasing day by day. If you can find a good teacher, winning many prestigious awards is the best.

Vocational training centers are often aware of new trends in the market. As a result, students can try out many different styles of pet grooming. Also trained in the most basic steps.

However, in many large centers, due to the large number of students, it is difficult for teachers to teach each person individually. A lot of people just learn the basics of styling. Only a few are able to develop a career. Become the master Groomer. The basic training program includes:

  • How to take care of pets: bathing, drying, brushing, cutting nails, cleaning ears …
  • How to trim dog and cat hair: from trimming petite Poodle, to large Samoyed…
  • You are free to think, create fashion designs for your dog…
  • Learn to dye hair to create unique shapes for cats and dogs…

Self-taught dog trimming online

This is a method that many people learn to trim dog and cat hair. Even the professional Groomer. Just a way to learn new techniques. It also helps to cultivate existing knowledge. Many centers offer distance learning courses.

You can search for shared clips, or sign up for a course. After completing the work, learners can share it with others with similar interests. And get lots of advice from those who have gone before. However, the downside of this method is that you completely have to figure it out yourself. There will be no teacher to guide you. Therefore, it is suitable for those who already have basic knowledge about pet care, trimming and other animal welfare.


Becoming a professional pruner is more than just an inherent talent. It’s a long process of practice. In addition, you must know the path that is right for you. Everyone has their own path, so the results will also be different.

Above all, the working environment here is very friendly and dynamic. Professional working style with many years of experience. Customers here always feel satisfied and happy every time they come to pick up their dogs and return home. Not only learned how to trim dog hair. You also learn many other communication skills. Connect with friends and expand many social relationships. This is also a place to create many job opportunities with high income for young people who love their jobs and love animals.

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